Grapes Granita


Grapes one among the seasonal fruit, found almost all over the summer. My son likes grapes to the core, but my daughter never want to have grapes at all. My hubby got a kg of grapes, but expect my son we all don’t have that my intension for grapes. So I decided to try out some dish with the grapes and here resulted my Grapes Granita.

A very easy, delicious but little time consumption perfect dessert for this boiling summers. Let us move on to the recipe…

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  • Black grapes – ½ kg
  • Sugar – 4 tbsp
  • Water – ½ cup


  • Wash the grapes, separate it from the stalk and drain the water.
  • Take grapes, sugar in the blender and blend them well for 3 mins at regular intervals.
  • Pour in ½ cup of water, blend again for few mins.
  • Drain the juice through a strainer (coarse strainer).
  • Now pour in the grape juice in an air-tight container, and refrigerate for almost 6 to 7 hrs.
  • Remove from the frezzer, start digging it with a fork and transfer it to a bowl.

Serve immediately.

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