Plum Cardamom Iced Tea


When it comes to Iced Tea, I would say my hubby is a Iced Tea Maniac, right from the day of marriage whenever he gets a chance for Iced Tea he would straight away place the order. But I took these many years for preparing in this Iced Tea for our Tea Time. My daughter and my niece also liked it to the core. Feeling happy when I came across to know that today is #NationalTeaDay.

Plum Cardamom Iced tea was too good and the punch of cardamom and ginger added more flavor to the tea. We felt like having something ice cold (Chill Chill) in this boiling summer afternoon. Let us move on to the recipe…

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Preparation Time – 5 mins

Cooking Time – 10 to 15 mins

Yields – 2 tall glass

Plum Cardamom Iced Tea

Plum Cardamom Iced Tea


  • Plum – 3 nos
  • Ginger – 1 inch piece
  • Cardamom – 3 pods
  • Sugar – 3 tsp
  • Tea powder – ½ tsp


  • Rinse and chop the plum into small pieces. Rinse and slightly crush the ginger and cardamom.
  • Take 3 cups of water in sauce pan, bring it to boil, add in the plum pieces, crushed ginger, sugar and cardamom.
  • Cover with the lid, cook in medium flame until the plum is cooked (mashing consistency).
  • Meanwhile in another bowl, boil 2 cups of water, remove from fire once the water starts boiling.
  • Add in the tea powder to the water, cover with the lid and let it rest for 5 mins.
  • Strain the tea with a tea strainer, keep it aside and wait till it comes to room temperature.
  • Remove the lid, once the plum is cooked and remove the sauce pan from fire.
  • Strain the syrup, keep it aside and wait until it comes to room temperature.
  • Take a glass, add in little pieces of boiled plum, followed by ice cubes.
  • Fill half the glass with plum syrup and half the glass with tea.

Serve chilled.

Note: You can also refrigerate the plum syrup in air tight bottle and use it whenever you are in need of Plum Cardamom Iced Tea.

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