Cool Drive with OLA Prime and Heavenly Lunch @Baluchi-The Lalit Ashok


I am allergic to the word “summer”, because of the heat waves. I never want to go out of home, just like that I close all the windows and dress them up with 2 to 3 curtains, to make my room dark. Also I feel tired, bore and most of the times out of mood due to irritation. But my hubby is there every time to boost me with loads of energy, may be takes me somewhere outside or not only he including my kids, we sit together to watch some movies, spend time watching stars from our balcony and so on.

Recently as we both were busy, we never got time for a chit chat. My hubby took off from all his works and took me for a lunch to BALUCHI at The LALIT ASHOK. He planned to give new experience or may be something than what we usually do. So he booked up a OLA PRIME, and I just asked him what is PRIME in OLA – he told that Ola has “Auto-Connect Wi-Fi” which allows users to auto connect to Wi-Fi in an Ola cab without having to enter credentials every single time. #primeRWI

After ride in OLA Prime #primeRWI

After ride in OLA Prime #primeRWI

The cab arrived we got into the cab and we were eager to try the “Auto Wi-Fi”, really it was amazing once when we got connected to the Wi-Fi, we experienced a high speed Wi-Fi in cab with a standard authentication process. Very nice initiative for today’s trend, as of traffic and hot summer, most of us take Ola and now when Ola offers a high speed Wi-Fi, nothing to worry one can attend the client calls, sit back and continue their work (no worries about traffic), or scrolling out through whatsapp or facebook or do shopping without any disturbance in the net.

As a mother I would say, kids feel naughty when they got stuck in traffic. But now with OLA Prime, they can make use of their tab or ipad or mobiles for playing games. Not only with these features, but also they have enabled “Auto-Connect Wi-Fi means when you got to register a password with their Wi-Fi for the first time, you can use the password whenever you take OLA Prime all over the country. This scheme is on action from March and now they have these features available in few cities and rapidly started to make it progress all over India.

It was such a good experience and we reached the BALUCHI @ The Lalit Ashok. Once we got down from the cab my hubby told me that the restaurant was not launched and took me for the pre-launch session. I was really happy, being a foodie and food blogger again this gave more happiness. We got a pool side table and the pool was surrounded with beautiful greeneries and one could hear chirping of birds.
Baluchi - The Lalit Ashok Bangalore Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
We went for Buffet, there were lots of varieties in buffet from their starter till the dessert course. Also the food was awesome, not only the meat but also the veggies was cooked perfectly. Let me discuss about food, we got to have there…

Starter – Achaari Mushroom and Chicken

Salads – There was a wide spread of salads, from chicken, seafood and red meat. I had a single piece of all the salads, it was too good. There was chicken made like a sandwich and stuffed with tomato (forgot the exact name), I like to the core.

Soups – We had both the Lemon coriander and Chicken soup, both tasted heavenly.

Main course – Again in main course there was a wide variety in both veg and non-veg, a biryani, a gravy, steamed rice, 3 to 4 stir-fried veggies (poriyal), roti’s, variety rice, and also a Chinese meal – Fried rice, noodles, a gravy and fry. We got to have Mutton biryani, raita, roti, chicken gravy, cabbage roll, malai kofta, pork tenderloin – it was well done, this was first time to have pork, it tasted good, then fried rice, noodles, and chicken gravy. The food was delicious and I would highly recommend as a must to go.

Dessert: Again there was a variety desserts, right from pastries to gulab jamun. I liked their mint pastry, it was too good and also I felt it a unique one. All the desserts were fabulous.

A must to try for Bangaloreans, waiting to try @Baluchi – The Lalit Ashok as a foodie for the next time by flashing and later uploading more and more pictures of their mouth-watering dishes :P. Happy to blog this today, as today being their very very special day – BALUCHI @THE LALITASHOK is getting LAUNCHED today. Totally this was a very good experience in this hot boiling summer.

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