Food Review – My Cousin’s Place


Coming to My Cousin’s Place restaurant, it’s not new to me, pretty familiar, as I have seen few of blogger friends sharing their food pictures. I had a desire to go, but it was very far from my place and so it got postponed every time in my list.

It was yesterday, I got an invite for the foodie meet @ my cousin’s place, who would miss it. The lunch was fabulous, with chit chat and the owner of the restaurant and other people, served us with a comfortness as though I felt having lunch at my home. Let us move on to the review…
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Location: My Cousin’s Place, opp to BHEL gate, Vellankani Drive, Electonic city Phase 1, Bangalore.

Ambiance: The place was too good, with beautiful interiors – the LED bulbs hanging over the tables, artificial onions, garlic hanging here and there, and a beautiful fish tank cum teapot.

Servings: The presentation of the food was very perfect, where one can’t take the eyes out of food.

Food: We had variety of food starting from salads till Lasanga and rainbow drop as dessert.


  • Salad – French fries with rosemary and French fries with salad – French fries with rosemary was too good and the very first time I got to try French fries with rosemary, cheese… found it unique.
  • Soups – Potato Leek soup (veg) and Chicken Soup (no-Veg) – I am a pure non-veg, but somehow I like the potato leek soup to the core. A must to try. The soup was perfect with mild perfect, aroma, and with prefect consistency.
  • Fish and chips – Fish and chips is all my all favourite when I was in u.k, but now at times when I crave for fish and chips I prepare of my own. But the fish and chips here was too good served with a tangy vegetable salad. A must to fry for all seafood lovers.
  • Cheese Balls – Cheese balls was crispy but very soft with the burst of cheese in every bite.
  • Chicken Muffin – Chicken muffin was soft and the chicken was good juicy, perfectly done no raw smell – Unique dish.
  • Prawn noodle – Prawn rolled with noodles and fried, was again a unique food.
  • Zucchini Roll – Zuchinni rolled with vegetables and served with a sauce, was another fabulous dish.
  • Barbeque chicken wings: It was done to the perfect.
  • Nachos – Nachos served with cheese and their own chutney was great.

Main course:

  • Grilled chicken – The boneless chicken breasts grilled in their own style of sauce, was served with mashed potato and sauted veggies – was awesome.
  • Seafood platter – The boneless fish which melts in the mouth and the prawns with little crunchiness and melts in the mouth with the sauce, served with mashed potato, grilled veggies – was divine.
  • Veg Burger
  • Non-Veg Burger – Non veg burger with chicken patty, bacon and omelette was too good. Served with fries and sauce.
  • Spaghetti with Meat Balls – Spaghetti served with saucy meatballs, and the meatballs was too soft and melts in the mouth. Lovely texture and a must to try here.
  • Pitta Bread and Hummus
  • Lasagna – Lasanga was too good, we all were standing around the plate with a fork to taste as it was hot. Again a heavenly dish.

Dessert: It was raindrop – now in trend – structures and taste like a jelly. A Japanese dessert, usually these people’s use Sakura flower in this zero calorie dessert. But here at my cousin’s place, they have used Tamarind flowers. A bit of tanginess in the center of the water cake was too good and a perfect dessert for Indian Summers.

Suggestions: A must to try restaurant. We usually get to have a unique in most of the restaurant, but here I would say most of dishes are unique. A perfect place for people who love to try different food.

Wish My Cousin’s Place to spread all over Bangalore.

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