Happy Mother’s Day – 2016


Dedicated to all the LIVING BEINGS in the world – MOTHER’S DAY

Happy Mother's Day - 2016

Happy Mother’s Day – 2016

Happy Mother’s Day to all the living beings in this world. Motherhood is the only thing which makes the world exist till now, also motherhood is not found only with mothers but also is there in each and every human being. My daughter who has been a mother to me, with her soothing and kind words to encourage me, my son who cares a lot for me – especially when he massage my head in times of migraine (I can bear migraine even if it comes once in a week :P), my hubby no words for him – my everything, my friend who has been and being with me in all my ups and downs, showering his motherly love to me, my grandma who brought up and my mom – Wish them all a very very happy Mother’s Day. Also wish and need you people stay like this forever throughout my life to shower your love, care, affection, encouragement for one and only me (very possessive with these people).

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