Jack Fruit 365 event at Grand Mercure, Bangalore


Got an invite for Jack Fruit 365 event, liked each and every second of the event, with loads of information and heavenly breakfast with variety of dishes.

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When almost 95% of people likes Jack fruit to the core, there are another 5% who doesn’t like Jack fruit because of the texture and smell and I would say I am one among them. But this event was one such magical event, which made longing for the jack fruit, as we had a whole breakfast (south Indian style).

Moreover the most important thing here is about Mr. Joseph James, a blogger and now a founder and Brand Ambassador of Jack Fruit 365. He explained us about the health benefits of Jack fruits in an ease way that anyone could understand. Jack Fruit mentioned here is not the absolute Jack fruit, they pick out the jack fruit just 2 days before they ripe, de-seeded, sliced and dried, then use it in the form of flour.

He said that Jack Fruit can be consumed in different ways such as fruit, vegetable and meat. This stage of jack fruit has loads of health benefits, which people can consume all over the year (365 days). This can be consumed in the form of flour, these dried jack fruit junks are grounded to fine powder and sieved. Later used in almost all the dishes like idly, kuzhipaniyaram (rice buns), dosa, poori, bonda, pancake, bread toast, chutneys and so on in the ratio of 1:3, where 1 refers to the jack fruit flour and 3 refers to the ordinary flour or batter used for the dish.

Health benefits of Jack fruit: It is a low calorie, high fibre fruit and low in glycemic, which is good for people with diabetics as it slowly reduces the diabetics and helps a lot in weight loss, also he says that consuming jack fruit daily will increase the life span for almost 10 years.

Chef. Sridhar Sigatapu of Grand Mercure, prepared a heavenly breakfast (south Indian style) with the Jack Fruit. I was very happy as this meet was very informative and heavenly with a variety dishes for breakfast. We had Idly, Poori, Upma, Bonda, Kuzhipaniyaram, Pancake, Bread toast, Appam, a sweet gravy, waffles, kabab, smoothie, Dosa. Let me share the food pictures…

Thanks a lot for the invite Mr. Joseph James and Grand Mercure for making this possible. Also as a gift we all got a gift hamper with a packet of Jack fruit junks and recipe book.


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  1. Deepa,
    I wish I was at this JackFruit 365 event. I love jackfruit in all forms! Do they also have the jackfruit papad?

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