Hyderabadi Food Festival @ Fairfield Marriott by Burrp


Last week got an invite for Hyderabadi Food Festival by Burrp at Kava Restaurant, Fairfield Marriott. As it was on Friday, got started early that I should be on time, but I was actually 30 mins before the event. Felt too good for being earlier, since I could click beautiful pictures when there was no rush.
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The restaurant was beautifully decorated based on Charminar, as I was there in Hyderabad and been to Charminar, I could feel the essence of Charminar. Right from the restaurant setup till the waiter’s clothing, everything was perfectly done to Nawabi Style. Coming to the food there was variety of food starting from the starters till the desserts.

Chef Sabir and Chef Hajifur from Hyderabad Marriott, came to Bangalore for this Hyderabad Food Festival. Also we had an interaction with chefs about their journey in Hyderabadi cuisine. Chef Sabir’s great grandmother cooked for Nizami’s and so he shared lots and lots of interesting facts about the Hyderabadi cuisine. They also told that the secret behind their Hyderabadi Briyani was Khus Khus and Dried Ginger.

Also we had a cook-off event with our fellow foodies, chef instructed us about the preparation and later on we prepared the dish. There was 3 teams – It’s me and Poojitha in 1st team – we prepared Chatpata and Hariyali fish as per the chef’s instructions, the 2nd team – Pravin, Pratheek and Nameesh – they prepared Pathar Ka Ghosht and the 3rd team – Hari and Arijit – prepared Brain fry and Keema Paratha. We enjoyed it to the core, and this event was more special more that I could say, “I cooked in Fairfield Marriott.

There was 4 to 5 live counters for soup, kabab’s, and parathas. Biryani counter was one such amazing, as I have never seen such a presentation with 5 to 6 varieties of biryani’s including pilaf.

We had a groupie with chef’s team, burrp’s team and Marriott team. Then coming to the food, we had Haleem, Babri raan, Kakori kebab, Pathat ka gosht, Nalli Nihari, Shikampuri Kabab, Lamb Keema Khasta Chop, Phaldhari kabab, Tawe ki Machhi, Machili begam Bahar, Khorme ke kebab, Taatee ka qodht, Garlay, Ande ka Khageena, Briyanis (chicken dum, Egg, Mutton, Nawabi veg and Aloo) and Desserts (Double Ka Meetha, Qubani Ka Meetha and so on). Each and every food was perfectly cooked as its name. Even now I am drooling thinking of the food we had there.

A well enjoyed Food Festival which highly represented the name (Hyderabadi Food Festival) right from the setup till the wide range of dishes served.

I would say it as a – Spectacular and Heavenly Food Festival.

Thanks Burrp for the invite and Kava, Fairfield Marriott for making it possible.



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