Kids Kitchen Tour with California Pizza Kitchen-India


Got a kid and your kid loves pizza – want him/her to know about the story of pizza – Walk into California Pizza Kitchen on Sunday’s 11 a.m to 12.30 p.m and 4.30 p.m to 6 p.m to join them in their Kitchen Tours. In kitchen tours, they share the story of pizza with the kids, kids get to know how pizza is prepared, what all to be used in pizza and they prepared their own pizza with the chef’s help. Last week I have been invited for the Kitchen Tours, it was lovely, happy and excited to watch my kids (9 yrs and 5 yrs), preparing their own pizza.

My experience: Being a food blogger, at times my daughter used to help me in kitchen, the most excited thing was my younger one, preparing the pizza. It was a lovely and beautiful day being a mother to watch my kids preparing pizza. They gave them the menu and asked them to select the pizza of their choice. My daughter chose Hawaiian Pizza, whereas my son chose BBQ Pizza. They were given the pizza bread, and the ingredients required for the pizza (sauces, freshly chopped veggies, fruits and chicken).

Kids where first told what all they require for their pizza, and then they started spreading the sauce required for that pizza, then topped them with the ingredients required for the pizza and finely sprinkled grated cheese all over the pizza. Once when they are done with these works, they took the pizza and baked those pizza, in front of the kids. Kids were let near the oven to look over the process of baking the pizza.

Once when the pizza was baked, these kids were let to have their own pizza. Every kids was happy to have the pizza prepared by them, also they shared the pizza with us. Also they were given a certificate stating, “Certified Pizza Maker”. What a lovely feeling to have the pizza prepared by your kids???

When you want to experience the happiness of your kid baking pizza, Book tickets in Book my show for Sunday’s and walk into your nearby California Pizza Kitchen and have fun. Every Sunday’s there will be different event based on the Story of Pizza and so called as Kitchen Tours.


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