Food Hunt – Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)


Recently I have been invited for an event named, “Food Hunt” – it was a fabulous meet sponsored by #MPOC (Malaysian Palm Oil Council). The day was very lovely, we were made to run from restaurant to restaurant for a game with a team of 4, with my fellow foodie friends.

Actually the event was to create awareness about the usage of Palm oil, I could remember very well that my grandma uses palm oil for frying when I was child, but after the sunflower and many other oils it was my mom who introduced the sunflower and now it’s me who uses sunflower, olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil and mustard oil based on the dish. I hope not only with me but it happens with most of us nowadays, we got forget the PALM OIL, which was used in early days. This event was organized by #MOPC to create awareness about palm oil – how to use them, how many times to use them, how healthy are they, how they are prepared. Very informative event.

About palm oil: They have high smoke point and so they can be reused for almost 3 to 4 times. Very good source for deep frying, use palm oil and make your deep frying dishes healthy. It is cheaper compared to the other oils. They don’t have extra flavor, aroma and so the dishes you prepare have their own taste. Palm oil is derived from the Palm fruit and this palm oil freezes below 20 degree. Also the major advantage of using palm oil is they contain very little cholesterol.

About the event: The event happened at MAINLAND CHINA, we were divided to groups of 4. There was 4 groups and first section – we were blindfolded and given a dish. The concept this section was every one of us in team was blindfolded and made to taste the food, after tasting we were asked to write the ingredients, used in the dish, happened at OH CALCUTTA. The second section – we were given puzzle to find out the restaurant and then we started running to the restaurant, there we were given ingredients for salads and was asked to prepare salad, happened at HOPPIPOLA. The third section – was having at EMPIRE HOTEL and then got the clue for the fourth section. The fourth section – a quiz, based on the Palm Oil, this happened at RUSSH. After the completion we reached Mainland china, then we played the magnetic dart, this followed by selfie with our team with colorful probs.

We had lunch at MainLand China, there huge spread of dishes in the buffet both for veg and non-veg. After lunch we were handed a goodie bag as token of love with the products prepared by palm oil.

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