TheChefPost – Prelaunch at Bangalore Baking Company, Jw Marriott, Bangalore


Got an invite for “The Chef Post” pre-launch held at BBC (Bangalore Baking Company, JW Marriott, Bangalore).

As the name, their motive was – “The Chef Post”, yeah this website is all about food and the person behind the food – “CHEF”. The overall concept is unique, as they not only feature a chef, but also their culinary journey. Along with them, they also feature the restaurant involved with them. They also provide people to interact with chefs.

With Executive Chef Anthony En Yuan Huan of JW Marriott, Bangalore

With Executive Chef Anthony En Yuan Huan of JW Marriott, Bangalore

They provide details about restaurants – offers, where to eat what, recipes, events and much more. Up to now they have started covering Bangalore, in future they would extend their service all over the country.

I strongly believe that the one and only behind the food is the one who cook – Chef. He/She who gives a lovely texture, fabulous color, fantastic aroma on the whole a wonderful taste which not only fills everyone stomach but also their mind. As a mother is a chef – who gets happy when he/she loves to see one having the food with all happiness. So how many of knew the chef who is behind the food we have? Very few of us. And so evolved this platform to bring each and every chefs to the world.

Also we were gifted with a personalized white chocolate, revealing the name of our blog. So Signup with them and check out more and more food stories, chef stories, restaurant events and recipes from the chef.

I wish the team to extend their service all over the world with great success.
Bengaluru Baking Company - JW Marriott Bengaluru Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
We had a high tea during the event at Bangalore Baking Company, JW Marriott, Bangalore. There were too many baked spread and apart from that there was also Bangalore’s most famous street foods. Their executive chef said that, their motivate is to create awareness to their authentic and traditional street foods. Each and every food was cooked to perfect texture and wonderful taste.


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