How to clean Prawns and Prawn heads


My long wait post, finally it’s done today. It’s cleaning of prawns including the cleaning of prawns head. Most of us throw away the head of prawns, but I would say that pawns head taste more delicious than prawns, you can deep fry them by marinating in masala, or when you can enhance flavor to curry or gravy or rice or biryani by the prawn head. You have to clean, grind them with little water and strain the ground mixture and flavor the dish.

For my prawn recipes – CLICK HERE, and check out my Prawn Head Fry, Prawn curry with Prawns head and Prawn rice with Prawn head and prawns.

Cleaning of prawns and prawn head is an easy and simple task which just takes minutes. Check out the video below and enhance the flavor of your prawn food…




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