How to Peel Banana Flower and What to cook with Banana Flower


Banana flower is one such edible flower used in south Asian cuisine. This is used in the preparation of chutney, curries, fritters, soups and even in dosa. Banana flower curry is known as the Veg Fish Curry, as the banana flower cooked in the tamarind pulp and spices looks and taste like Anchovies (Nethili Meen).

Health benefits: It’s been packed with loads of health benefits like increases the hemoglobin content, diabetic friendly, regulates menstrual cycle, helps lactating mother, reduces high blood pressure, cures ulcer and so on.

It usually takes 30 mins for peeling and cleaning a banana flower/banana blossom.

Storing: You can soak the peeled strands in water for 20 mins, drain the water, transfer the peeled strands to an air-tight container and refrigerate them. It stays fresh for 2 days.

Before preparation: You can soak them in water before preparation to avoid decolorisation. You can also soak them in buttermilk for 15 mins, before preparation to avoid decolorisation and to reduce the astringent taste. I prefer soaking only in water as I consider soaking buttermilk and removing the astringent taste reduces it’s medicinal value.

But the most difficult part in cooking banana flower is peeling them, check out this video for cleaning and refer my recipes for preparation –

Video of Cleaning or peeling of Banana Flower / Banana Blossom / Vazhaipoo:


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