Vegetarian Awareness Month with HARD ROCK CAFE


Recently got an invite to Hard Rock Café, St. Marks Road, Bangalore. This was something, as the concept was created on the basis of the Vegetarian Awareness Month. The theme serve up with all vegetarian dishes and plant based beverages ranging from Cauliflower Wings served Buffalo-style, a Grilled Ratatouille Wrap featuring grilled vegetables and Sriracha mayo, and a Very Veggie Tini featuring a mix of fresh vegetable juice, Greek Yogurt and Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

The menu will be served only this month from October 1st till October 31st. They have bloomed the World Vegetarian Day, with their specially curated menu based on vegetarian friendly dishes. They stated that, this was developed inorder to create the awareness about the vegetarian food all over the world.

Let me share my experience with the foods and their pictures:
Hard Rock Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Veg Platter with Cream Cheese & Parmesan Crusted Bruschetta, Samosette of Spicy Corn& Cheddar cheese, Red Rod Fritters, Spiced Cottage Cheese & Falafel Fritter with Garlic Aioli – this platter is available all the day in their menu.

Salads: Pico De Quinoa Salad , Pear Salad – Both the salads was too delicious, and the veggies, fruits and quinoa added crunchy texture to the salad with little tanginess and sweetness.

Burgers: La confidential, Mexican Quesadilla Veg Burger, Goats cheese & Cauliflower Burger, Black bean & Quinoa Burger – Also we got to taste these burgers, being a non-vegetarian I would say all the burgers were too good. Happy that we have these many dishes in vegetarian also.

Rolls: Lebanese Shawarma roll, Seared Corn & Green Bean Wrap, Grilled Ratatouille Wrap – To me I would say that Grilled Ratatouille wrap was my love, as it was little cruchy, soft with Eggplant. The very first time I am having a wrap with Eggplant – That Wow Moment.


Drinks: I loved this section, as they prepared drinks before us, with more details about the ingredients and the way of preparation. All the drinks looks yummy, delicious and inviting. But unlucky me, as a non-alcoholic, I got to try only one among them (which was one and only non-alcoholic). Beet, Orange & Ginger Juice (non-alcoholic) – I liked each and every sip with bits of Ginger and the sweetness of beet and little orange was just heavenly. Others – Red Velvet, Green Mineral Power, Spotted LIIT, Wasabi Cucumber Reviver, Jalapeno Iced Tea, Lemon Grass Mojito, Sangria Ruby with alcohol.

A must to try guys, Hard Rock Café in new Avatar with their VEGETARIAN MENU both food and drinks. Would say a great treat for Vegetarian people, as I have seen my Vegetarian blogger who claims that there is no varieties when it comes to Veg Dishes.

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