Bored of trying out regular pizza, here is something at CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN to satisfy your cravings.

Recently got an invite to CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN for the tasting session of their new menu. The concept was unique, as they have included 8 different pizza with 8 different flavor based on 8 different nation with 5 different varieties of mocktails.

Let me share about my experience over there –

  • Pizza Rustica – Black and green olives, artichokes, cherry tomatoes topped with argula version. When we prefer non-vegetarian added chicken along with these. Taste was very unique, the first time I got to taste artichokes. The pizza tastes delicious with the crunchiness of olives, artichokes, argula and chicken.
  • Teriyaki – Japanese flavored Pizza with onions, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and for non-veg it was induced with chicken. I liked this Teriyaki Pizza to the core, a must to try.
  • Indian Delight – Makhani Sauce, paneer, onions, chili and tomatoes and for non-veg it was induced with Chicken. It was delicious and the ingredients was well blended with the makhani sauce.
  • Fiesta – Mexican flavored Pizza with red bean sauce, spinach, mushroom and roasted pepper and for non-veg it was induced with chicken. All the ingredients together gave wonderful flavor to the topping.
  • Shawarma – Lebanese flavored pizza with Harissa sauce, pepper, onions, chili and shawarma chicken or paneer was too good. No wonder I like Lebanese cuisine, and so I liked this to the core.
  • Hungarian Meat Ball – Succulent chicken meat ball pizza with roasted peppers, cheese and parmesan was perfectly made.
  • Fish and Chips – I go crazy for fish and chips as it would be my Friday lunch when I was there in u.k, so no wonder I loved it to the core. Not only me, my kids too loved it.
  • The Ultimate Feast – The ultimate meat feast with salami, peppercorns, canadian bacon, capicola ham, chicken frankfurter and roasted mushroom, would mostly suit meat lovers. As it was loaded with meats.

Drinks – As non-alcoholic I preferred mocktails, cocktails were also available induced with liquor in the same drinks.

  • Peach Julep – Peaches blended with apple juice, mint and lime and for cocktails it was induced with dark rum
  • Watermelon Frosty – Watermelon blended with lychee crush and for cocktails it was induced with vodka.
  • Muskmelon Saveur – Fresh muskmelon with apple juice, lime and mint and for cocktails it was induced with dark rum.
  • Blueberry Bliss – Blueberry juice with cranberry juice and for cocktails it was induced with white rum.
  • Grapefruit Fresca – Fresh malta oranges clubbed with grapefruit and cocktails it was induced with Tequilla.

A must to try for all pizza lovers.



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