Christmas Cake Mixing at Park Plaza, Bangalore.


Last Sunday, got an invite to Park Plaza, Bangalore for their Cake Mixing Event. The event was very great, usually I like this cake mixing event, it was Park Plaza were I had my first cake mixing event last year. Once when the event has started, I felt gearing up for Christmas, and the freshness of the dry fruits, nuts, and the alcohols, all together totally was a great experience. Last year it was candies hidden and this time it was coin hidden in the mixture.

Everyone was very happy with their gloves, aprons, hats and joined the event. Mixing was done until the dry fruit and nuts were well coated with alcohol. After mixing they have packed up the nuts and this would be the key ingredient for the Christmas Cake.

Cake mixing event at Park Plaza, Bangalore –


Followed by the cake mixing we had our lunch at Park Plaza.

Last year it was pictured, but this year – It’s VIDEO. Do check out the video, support us with your likes and subscription to our channel – MADRAASI.  

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