Diabetic Food Trail – World Diabetic Food Trail


Got an invite for the Diabetic Dessert Trail on Nov 13th on behalf of World Diabetic Day 2016 by Diabetic Food Trail with Britannia.

Diabetes Dessert Trail - World Diabetes Day 2016

Diabetes Dessert Trail – World Diabetes Day 2016

As every one of my followers knew that I collect Diabetic recipes for my diabetic hubby, was eagerly and when it comes to variety of diabetic desserts, it was much excited.

The Diabetic Food Trail is all set, once again, to offer Diabetics, Pre-Diabetics and Health conscious individuals, a wonderful culinary experience at over 200 restaurants across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore & Pune. The Diabetic Food Trail is presented by Britannia Nutrichoice Essentials in association with Biocon, the largest Indian Insulins Company. Britannia and Biocon have once again partnered with DFT, this year along with Fitternity.com, Health & Nutrition and Burrp! By extending their support, Britannia Nutrichoice

The Diabetic Food Trail was founded by Seema Pinto and Manoj Pinto and is presented by Semora Entertainment Works. Seema Pinto, who is a diabetic, is very passionate about the Diabetic Food Trail, and hopes that in the years to come, the Diabetic Food Trail is not restricted to just 3 weeks in a year. Her vision is to see that all the restaurants will serve a healthy and diabetic friendly menu as part of the regular menu, thereby giving people a choice to eat healthy, throughout the year.

As we all knew that one in every 10 people have diabetic, this diabetic awareness program is to show that Diabetic is not a disease that needs medicine, but it’s about the food management – well-management diet and fitness program.

The Diabetic Dessert Trail started from

  • FAVA restaurant, where we had 2 desserts –
        o Fresh Ricotta and Red Grape Timbale with NutriChoice Essentials 5 Grain Cookie crumble  and organic honey
      o Sugar-free Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate Sorbet with Cut Fresh Fruits
  • CAPERBERRY restaurant – 2 desserts –
        o Sugar-free Belgian Chocolate Decadence with NutriChoice Essentials Oats Cookie Crumble and fresh Berries (Eggless)
      o Pannacotta (eggless and sugar free) with Orange compote, Vanilla sauce and crunchy Tuile


          o No Bake Muesli Cheesecake with NutriChoice Essentials Oats Cookies
        o Twisted Ragi Choco Cake with NutriChoice Essentials Ragi Cookies



      o Apple Plum Strudel


o Apricot Cranberry Cup Cakes with NutriChoice Essentials Oats Cookies
o Blueberry Mint Parfait with NutriChoice Essentials Oats Cookies
Each and every dessert was yummy, delicious, and heavenly with low calories and was infused with natural sugar may be from the fruits or the dark chocolate.

Also I could hear all your mind voices; yeah the recipes will be updated one by one as we got to see few of the desserts demonstrated by the chef who curated the menu. Stay tuned with us.

After the dessert trail followed the fitness camp by fitternity.com, we headed to Tribe Fitness at Indira Nagar, Bangalore. Fitternity.com which was founded by Neha Motwani, says that “Eatig right and Working out” is the way to lead a healthy life. There we had a very informative session with their coach, actually most of them followed the exercises and taught by the coach. But I could never follow, which realized me that I am not fit. So most of us have thought that being lean is what being fit, but it’s absolutely wrong being fit means that your body is flexibe. It was very fun and two our foodie friends made us stunned with their head strands.

Diabetes Dessert Trail - World Diabetes Day 2016

Diabetes Dessert Trail – World Diabetes Day 2016

More informative section which made me realize many things related to health right from the food we eat till the activities do in our day to day life. Soon would be changing my lifestyle to the health way.








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