SunBean Gourmet Coffee from ITC – Review


Got an invite for Sunbean Gourmet Coffee, bloggers event at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore. As usual I headed there on time, the event was completely based on the coffee and coffee beans. In the section we had more and more information about the Sunbean Gourmet Coffee, which is one of the top most gourmet coffee in India, also they are grown in India along Nilgiri hills, Tamil Nadu and Chickmagalur, Bangalore.

Sunbean has two varieties of coffee bean – Nicomalai which is a mix of beans from Nicaragua and Anna Malai in the Nilgiri hills and the other is called Panagiri which is mix of beans from the Panama and Baba Budangiri in Chikmangalur which is again famous for coffee.

Baba Budangiri is named after Baba Budan, the one who smuggled 7 coffee bean from yemen and planted it in Chikmagalur. Our fellow bloggers were splited into two groups – one for the tasting section of coffee and the other for the art section with coffee. I got to the tasting section of coffee.

The coffee got brewed before us, and also we had the right information on how to brew the coffee from the basics –
Texture of the coffee powder – The texture of the coffee powder should be coarse powder, so that you get the perfect decotion which helps the water to pass through the powder easily.

How the coffee powder should be ground – As coffee is one of the essential part in our life, most of us grind coffee bean at home. We do grind it in mixer and they say it gives the world’s bad coffee and so they suggested that coffee bean should be ground only in the coffee grinder.
Brewing time – When the brewing is all most done, you get to see lots of bubbles over the coffee and that it’s that right time to stop brewing.

They demonstrated the whole brewing process of coffee and also demonstrated us the Cinnamon Honey Coffee, Irish coffee using their Sunbean Gourmet Coffee. Due to some personal issues, I could not attend the coffee art section. This event was more and more useful for gathering the information of all about only and only Sunbean Gourmet Coffee.

Also as a token of love, we all had a goodie bag from ITC and my goodie bag had Nicamalai coffee. So whenever you are to ITC hotels, do experience their Sunbean Gourmet Coffee, which would make you buy their coffee powder home.

With the Nicamalai coffee, I am going to enjoy my coffee time and experiment with some recipes. Stay tuned with us.

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