Celebrity Chef Workshop with Shazia Khan


Recently got an invite for a Celebrity Chef Workshop with Shazia Khan at Copper Chimney in Phoenix Market City, Bangalore. The event took place around 11.30 a.m to 1.30 p.m, I reached 20 mins before the event was to start. Actually, when you arrive before the event, you get to click good pictures, interaction with fellow blogger friends. The event was very interesting as it was a cook-off with the celebrity chef.

Madraasi (me) with Chef Shazia Khan

Madraasi (me) with Chef Shazia Khan

About Celebrity Chef Shazia Khan: Shazia Khan was born and brought up in Bangalore, rose to fame when she became the 2nd runner up of the Master Chef India Season 2, a cookery show hosted by STAR PLUS. After that she conducts numerous cooking event in Bangalore, Goa and Chennai. Apart from this she is also a member of the board of management, at Delhi Public School, Bangalore and has also written a book – “What’s on the menu?”.

About the event: The event was organized at Copper Chimney in Phoenix Market City. The place as very well set up with natural atmosphere. In the cook-off event, she prepared few dishes for us. Moreover, she also shares the tricks and tips, more the flavors in the food. She stated that, “Each and every ingredient has its own, and so try to avoid other masala’s which leads to destroy the flavor of the ingredient, instead gives out the flavor of the ingredient” Let me share the dishes she cooked over there…

  • Grilled Cottage Cheese, Peppers with Pineapple and Cherry Tomato Relish – Cottage cheese, peppers were marinated for few mins, and later grilled and served with the pineapple cherry tomao relish, which added more flavor when tasted with the grilled cottage cheese and peppers.
  • Smoked Subz Kabab with Lavash – Subz Kabab was a patty prepared with yam, raw banana and few spices. Also she infused it with charcoal to give the smoked the effect. Lavash was a Crispy pita bread which was served with smoked subz kabab.
  • Lebanese Chicken Skewers – Lebanese Chicken Skewers, was prepared by marinating the chicken with hung curd, tomato paste and few spices. Later served with yogurt garlic dip.
  • Molten Lava Cake with Almond Crumble and Strawberry Basil Coulis – She prepared all these and served the molten lava cake with the almond crumble as a bed and strawberry basil coulis.

Lunch:  After the event, we got an opportunity to click a picture with her, later followed by lunch. Lunch was arranged by copper chimney, and after a long wait, this was my first to have food at Copper Chimney. Each and every dish was prepared to the prefect right from the salad to the dessert I loved all the dishes to the core. I would personally recommend any for Copper Chimney and soon love to go there with my family.



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