Happy Valentines Day – 2017


Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day is all about one and only love, every living beings need love, because the world will not exist without love. In this mechanical world, everyone keeps on running and scheduling their life, which makes them work more like a machine and so I would say at least this day let everyone realize about their love.

When somebody asks, “Who is your love?” – Most of us point out others, few get confused to decide who and few worries that no one is my love. But actually, do anyone of us think, that we need love and no one can give a true love to us than ourselves. Yeah, so this year let me start to love myself, I can strongly say that no one can drench me in love as I love me myself.

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Happy Valentines Day – Madraasi

Next comes my family, my friends, my surroundings (includes animals and plants) and most commonly let us love our haters. As these haters need more love and let us shower love on them, which would make them realize what is love.

Plant and water a tree – it transforms to a shoulder when you need to cry.

Feed an animal – there will be someone looking for you.

Help the needy – as everyone needs someone at times.

Love yourself as you are very precious, at the, same time, raise your voice when you are in need of it – as Enough is Enough and No Means No. Make Love, Spread Love, Stand for Love – As no one can love you than yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.


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