Happy Mother’s Day to everyone


Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day

I have come across everyone wishing their mother, the mothers and to be mother. But when I remember mother, first I just remember of my grandpa – who is the most important cause for what I am today, then my hubby – who has been my everything, then my kids – who is being my energy booster and then grand ma and mom.

Wish Happy Mother’s Day to not only the mothers and to be mother, but to everyone who has showered their motherhood feeling. Mother hood is something more valuable than anything in the world and also that has power to change anything in the world. I also completely agree that everyone has a mother hood with in, spread – love, care and affection to everyone.

Happy Mothers Day

It is said that only a mother can understand her kid, but fortunately I am glad that I have few of friends who understands, trust and stand with me anytime. Happy and being blessed to be with these people who shower their endless affection and care on me.

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