Are you a Tea Lover or Want to spot out a Tea Lover?


Are you a Tea Lover or Want to find a Tea Lover within you or with you – then certainly you need to know all these six facts. Tea comes from the foot hills and slopes of the hills, and the world’s finest tea comes from the “Happy Valley Tea” Estates. Tea is one of the most preferred hot beverage across Indian subcontinent Asia. Also, its popular in Europe and Great Britain.

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Black Tea

As a Tea lover, I would say that, A cup of warm tea is energizing, boosts mind with positive energy, cuts of laziness, and even promotes weight loss. Tea is infused with properties that are linked to limit the risk of stroke, so this being one more reason to cherish yourself as a Tea Lover.

To spot out the tea lover

For a tea lover, starting a day without a hot cup of tea is unimaginable. It’s only the flavor of the tea that makes them wake up.

Brewing Time: Do you know that the brewing time is more important in tea, every tea has not the same brewing time. Brewing time differs from green tea, white tea to black tea, as the taste, flavor change. A tea lover, waits for the perfect brewing time and spots out the brewing time from their first sip.

Buys Exotic Tea: As there are wide varieties of tea now in market, they like to try different varieties and also, they very well describe the taste, flavor of the tea. Like green tea to white tea or oolong tea. And they also stock the best variety of tea from all over the world.

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Green tea

Panics when No Tea Leaves: For a tea lover, as their world is only tea, they carefully stock up the tea, and they never want to run out of tea leaves. When they are tuned to tea at certain times, they need it right at that time, else their whole day is ruined out. Consuming a daily dose of anti-oxidant tea from the hills of Happy Valley Tea Estate, they stay more happy and peaceful.

Flaunt their knowledge about Tea: They like to communicate with the tea lovers, discuss more about tea – may be the variety of tea, brewing time of tea. They would also identify the quality of the tea in the first sip and the brewing time of the tea from its color. Also, more important is they find out the difference between the “first flush” and “second flush”.

Coffee? What? Every tea lover has distinct strong avoidance for coffee, when any of them calls for a coffee break, they strangely look at them and starts thinking for having friendship with someone who likes tea and not coffee.

They are Never Sick of Tea: Tea lover never gets sick of tea, how many times you offer tea, they just gulp it and never says the word no. Getting tired of tea is like getting sick of breathing.

Different forms of serving: Tea can also be served in different forms may be inducing them in food or consumed as iced tea – check out our cinnamon tea, full roasted smoked Tea Chicken, Lemon-Iced Tea, Masala Tea, Plum Cardamom Iced Tea. 

Making of Cinnamon Tea –

So, it’s not difficult to spot out a Tea lover. Moreover, when they need a solution for any problem or feel sick or feel moody or anything – it only takes a cup of tea for them to get relax and find out the solution.

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