Madraasi Pongal Celebration – 2018

Madraasi Pongal Celebration – 2018

Hope everyone had a fabulous, wonderful Pongal celebrations, we had a wonderful Pongal celebration. As usual woke up early in the morning made sweet and ven Pongal, offered it to sun god along with seasonal raw vegetables and had pooja. Our celebration started on Bhogi, the day before the Pongal on Jan 13th, by cleaning home, making garlands, tying flowers for hair-do, drawing Rangoli, and this time as I new basic stitching, stitched my daughter’s Pongal dress by myself. Glad and happy to say that I have become the Fashion Designer for me and my daughter, its not only my daughter but everyone loved the dress – happy me.

Pongal celebration Video –

I am sure my daughter is going to load too much of works to me for her costumes. As she knew her mom (me) a lazy person, she shared her costume idea by now for her birthday which comes by April. When everyone was happy, the little fellow was angry with me and he wanted me to stitch costume for him 😊

Coming to food, I prepared Sweet Pongal, Ven Pongal, Mixed Vegetable Sambar, Aviyal and for the evening I prepared Mixed millets Pongal and shared with our neighbor’s.

Sharing few pictures from our celebration:



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