Here comes my page of Arts and Crafts, as I have told already that I have few interests in painting, drawing, and embroidery and gardening, I love to share those experiences with you. Very first, let me start with kolams. Later I would be uploading one by one, so stay tuned with me…


Kolams one of the drawings done by the women of south india, daily in the mornings and evenings. There are many varieties of kolam’s just like daily kolams, festive kolam’s, rangoli’s and so on. I use to draw kolam in my childhood on holidays and vacation, my mom used to draw very well. My interest started towards this kolam by colouring the kolam when my mom drew the kolam, later I started by my own. We have a very big space infront of home and use to draw big ones, but later after marriage, my life changed totally, living in cities mostly in apartments and found it very difficult with a very small space, slowly my interest towards this kolam was dropped. Now in his apartment, since we stay in ground floor, we got plenty of space and due to my daughter’s request, I started drawing kolam’s again, she used to colour the kolam. Not miss this recently she won second prize in rangoli competition in her school and now because of vacation she forced me to start drawing kolam’s and she use to colour it. We click whatever we draw daily, thought of sharing with you and this would also help us in saving our kolams – “Double Damakka”. Do check our kolam’s and share your comments and keep on boosting us with your likes.

Kolam - 1

Kolam – 1


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