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Visarjan at our home with Our Eco-friendly Ganesha – Ganesh Chaturthi – 2017


Visarjan is one of the most important part of Vinayagar Chaturthi / Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. Visarjan means “Immersing the idol of Lord Ganesh in any water body, usually people use to immerse in lake, river, sea”. After the celebrations people carry Ganesha Idol along the streets by dancing towards the water body to immerse them.

But now as per the environmental security, most of us get Eco-friendly Ganesh idols. These Eco-friendly idols are made completely with clay and designed with beautiful color papers, kundan stones and Jhamkis.

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It was from last year I got eco-friendly Ganesha Idol and after our celebrations are over, we perform puja, and for Visarjan – since we have a small Ganesha idol (1 ½ feet), we used to immerse Ganesha idol in a bucket full of water, and wait for a day until it dissolves in water.

Once it’s done, I separate the colour papers, kundan stones, jhamkis from the water. Transfer only the water to other bucket, then spread out the clay over a big sheet. I mix these clay with the soil in a proportion of 1:5, later fill those in the empty flower pots and plant herbs, table roses or sow seeds. Also pour the collected water to other flower pots and plants at our home.

I believe my Ganesha stays with me and shower his blessings through out the year. Also Happy that my kids come to know what Ganesh Chaturthi is, how to celebrate it Eco-friendly. Let’s save our mother earth by teaching our kids (future generation) the term “ECO-FRIENDLY”.


Saraswati Puja and Ayudha Puja – 2016


Yesterday, we celebrated both Saraswathi Puja and Ayudha Puja at our home. Goddess Saraswathi, is the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning and we worship her on this day by preparing offerings and puja. Ayudha Puja – the word Ayudha means Tools, people do puja for their tools, by keeping the tools infront of the goddess and take it the very next day early morning and perform their work.

Saraswati Puja / Ayudha Puja - 2016

Saraswati Puja / Ayudha Puja – 2016

I prepared 9 varities of Sundal and Puliyodharai (Stay tuned for the recipe) and Bamboo Rice Sweet Pondal (Stay tuned for the recipe).

Saraswati Puja / Ayudha Puja - 2016

Saraswati Puja / Ayudha Puja – 2016

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How to Peel Banana Flower and What to cook with Banana Flower


Banana flower is one such edible flower used in south Asian cuisine. This is used in the preparation of chutney, curries, fritters, soups and even in dosa. Banana flower curry is known as the Veg Fish Curry, as the banana flower cooked in the tamarind pulp and spices looks and taste like Anchovies (Nethili Meen).

Health benefits: It’s been packed with loads of health benefits like increases the hemoglobin content, diabetic friendly, regulates menstrual cycle, helps lactating mother, reduces high blood pressure, cures ulcer and so on.

It usually takes 30 mins for peeling and cleaning a banana flower/banana blossom.

Storing: You can soak the peeled strands in water for 20 mins, drain the water, transfer the peeled strands to an air-tight container and refrigerate them. It stays fresh for 2 days.

Before preparation: You can soak them in water before preparation to avoid decolorisation. You can also soak them in buttermilk for 15 mins, before preparation to avoid decolorisation and to reduce the astringent taste. I prefer soaking only in water as I consider soaking buttermilk and removing the astringent taste reduces it’s medicinal value.

But the most difficult part in cooking banana flower is peeling them, check out this video for cleaning and refer my recipes for preparation –

Video of Cleaning or peeling of Banana Flower / Banana Blossom / Vazhaipoo: