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Blabber – 11


Been a while almost for about past two years, I have been satisfied and almost loved to live. There have been too many changes in me, got those things what all meant that I have lost and would never get anymore. Those things changed my life so far, I could recognise the childish within me, my happiness, my joy. There is a saying that “ A person can be substituted in one’s life, but can’t be replaced”, even I hope so and have been travelling my life. But all of a sudden there is something like a miracle, got to found a personality who I could replace in my life, so preferred to hold it – Holding is not a easy job, even though both the hands are ready to hold each other tight, there should be too many changes (bends, ups and downs) in life. In fact how long the bends would get deeper and deeper?, only to some extend. Once when the extend is reached, everything is oops. So finally got to agreed that “A person can be substituted in one’s life, but can’t be replaced” and got to realised that, “Life is a thriller game” and no one knows what would happen next, the only thing we can do is to get ready for anything may be a battle or a love. But hope everything good will happen soon. Cheers to me…

Blabber – 10(Attitude)



Only after crossing three decades of years in my life, i have just now come to a conclusion that I am something special from everyone. I have born to live alone, even after knowing that just like others I too start searching for love. Even after finding that love i strive a hard to get settled with the love. But i never lost for me. So again I wish not to try or love to club my hands with anyone because i dragged to live like others or beaten up and broken down into pieces(heart). This doesn’t means that I am arrogant or talking too much doesn’t mean that I am stupid – It’s my attitude and you the one who change my attitude.