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My views on Relationship – Madraasi Scribbles



Relationship – what a beautiful and lovely word that has too many meanings within it. I would say that the meaning of relationship depends only on the concerned person – how they get to mean it (may be in a wrong manner or a good manner).

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About Relationship – Madraasi Scribbles

At times, I feel irritated why people imagine everything in a wrong or worst way, finally after few incidents I concluded that it’s one and only because of their surroundings and people they come across and most importantly based on their own behavior, because you could relate anyone only with things you see or face. When you are good and true to someone, you could feel only the positivity and not the negativity.

Recently the word relationship after it took its lead on to the social media status – this beautiful word has teared apart too many worst faces of the people. Just like that I keep on asking myself – why the bond between a daughter and father, mother and son, between friends may be of same gender or opposite gender differ – doesn’t come to most of the people’s mind. Instead there comes only the ugliest meaning for relationship, so awkward to hear it very often from few people, who don’t even understand or know what a relationship is.

What I would say about RELATIONSHIP is – You can talk anything from your mind and no secrets. Also, a healthy relationship never brings you down, it only lifts you up and stays with you amidst struggles, does anything to hold the bond.

Be yourself, love yourself, nothing is worthier or best than you, spend a few minutes with yourself in a day and I would say that is the world’s best relationship that can make you strong, confident and let you stretch your wings and fly high in the air.


Short visit to Madurai, Tamil Nadu


After a week of vacation, while the initial plan was just for 3 days, but fortunately/ unfortunately it got extended for a week. But we liked this travel, which was filled with more fun, happiness, peace, amidst of nature, colors, family gettogether, function, colors, flowers, silk, last but not least the chaos.

We started our journey towards my heaven at Masinagudi – Jungle Retreat amidst of the jungle. Once in a year this is a must to visit place for peace, nature which gives beautiful treat to eyes, ears, mind and your soul. We have a signature room, which gets booked for us every time we go. It was a peaceful, silent, warmth experience for the first 3 days.

The next three days at Madurai, well spent day with the Meenakshi Amman Temple visit, got to grab few things at the Madurai market for cooking – that food blogger moment. Then must to visit is my all-time favorite Amma Mess, fortunately we had only lunch over there, missed the dinner . Later my nephew’s engagement, it was like a family gettogether with fun, laughter, colors, silk saree, jewels, flowers and not to miss chaos 😊

The most important is the stay we had at Hotel John’s, Madurai , located opposite to Madurai Omni Bus Stand. We got to book an executive room, the room was well spaced with beautiful interiors, almost with wooden. Two to three corners of the room had beautiful and well-designed dressing table, also the wardrobe came with a safety locker.

Food was too good, they had their own restaurant and we had plenty of options to order food with a complimentary breakfast. Also amma mess was just 500 mts near to the hotel, it was a newly constructed one with super-duper space and centralized Air Conditioning.

Also we had our food at our favorite Duck Hotel on the highway near Karur, where I was introduced to the duck curry.

Most important thing after the break, when we returned home, it was two days it took to get back and sit with my blog – cleaning the home (full of dust) and the most important thing is the plenty of homeworks and classworks for kids 😦 Finally to the blog after the perfection of home.


Happy Birthday to My HUBBY – Madraasi Scribbles


Most precious day in my life – It’s my Hubby’s Birthday. There are too many difference in living with a man and a gentleman, I would say that I am the most blessed soul when it comes to my hubby and kids and glad that I am living with a Gentleman.

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Happy Birthday to My Hubby – 2017

Every time in his birthday’s I use to say, he strives hard to replace my grandfather, but this time I would say that he stole that place. Among too many chaos and struggle, the only one (GENTLEMAN) who understands me very well and travelled, travels and loves travelling with me by accepting, respecting, admiring, boosting the way I am. Usually I say these words in my own pride, “I am perfect in my own way that I was taught to be and wish, wanted to be”, but there was a time recently when I was totally down, still with tons of thoughts bursting in both mind and heart. He who told the same words with the bold, loving, encouraging voice – “You are perfect – IN OUR WAY, don’t ever bother of other’s, OUR LIFE is OURS – LET US LIVE OURS to the fullest”.

My life to me is not in words, but a biggest Struggle, I am pretty much sure that no one would travel with me for years, but he the who one and only reason for where and what I am today. Wish him a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY with loads of happiness by holding (him) – the world best with the PRIDE – Love you loads Dear.

My life with you is more beautiful, lovely, happy, best in the world, which no one can have.