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Short visit to Madurai, Tamil Nadu


After a week of vacation, while the initial plan was just for 3 days, but fortunately/ unfortunately it got extended for a week. But we liked this travel, which was filled with more fun, happiness, peace, amidst of nature, colors, family gettogether, function, colors, flowers, silk, last but not least the chaos.

We started our journey towards my heaven at Masinagudi – Jungle Retreat amidst of the jungle. Once in a year this is a must to visit place for peace, nature which gives beautiful treat to eyes, ears, mind and your soul. We have a signature room, which gets booked for us every time we go. It was a peaceful, silent, warmth experience for the first 3 days.

The next three days at Madurai, well spent day with the Meenakshi Amman Temple visit, got to grab few things at the Madurai market for cooking – that food blogger moment. Then must to visit is my all-time favorite Amma Mess, fortunately we had only lunch over there, missed the dinner . Later my nephew’s engagement, it was like a family gettogether with fun, laughter, colors, silk saree, jewels, flowers and not to miss chaos 😊

The most important is the stay we had at Hotel John’s, Madurai , located opposite to Madurai Omni Bus Stand. We got to book an executive room, the room was well spaced with beautiful interiors, almost with wooden. Two to three corners of the room had beautiful and well-designed dressing table, also the wardrobe came with a safety locker.

Food was too good, they had their own restaurant and we had plenty of options to order food with a complimentary breakfast. Also amma mess was just 500 mts near to the hotel, it was a newly constructed one with super-duper space and centralized Air Conditioning.

Also we had our food at our favorite Duck Hotel on the highway near Karur, where I was introduced to the duck curry.

Most important thing after the break, when we returned home, it was two days it took to get back and sit with my blog – cleaning the home (full of dust) and the most important thing is the plenty of homeworks and classworks for kids 😦 Finally to the blog after the perfection of home.


How I (MADRAASI) made my 2016?

How I (MADRAASI) made my 2016?

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, Success and Peaceful NEW YEAR 2017

When I see everyone posting their resolutions and was asked to blog about my resolutions and happenings in last year. First I would like to say that, I don’t make any resolutions, somehow I believe that when I plan to execute things, it never happens (how hard I try) may be I would fall sick or someone in home or problem with my laptop or personal issues. Even if it happens it might not meet my satisfactory level. Apart from all these thought of following some things that I like to, may be this would be the resolution or my desire in life.

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Happy New year 2017 from Madraasi

About last year – Last year was wonderful and good to me in my blogging world. I got invite for events where I got to meet celebrities – Australian Master Chef. George Colambaris, Indian Master Chef. Sanjeev Kapoor, Master Chef. Shaun Kenworthy and Master Chef. Abhijit Saha. It felt like flying in the sky and that was a “PINCH ME MOMENT” for me.

Kitchen Connection – it was an online platform where I was given an opportunity to teach my recipes all over the world. Also there was a desire to do video recipes, where I created my YouTube account by 2014 and this kitchen connection was been a great motivation in bringing my channel live.

Madraasi with Kitchen Connection - I teach my recipes online

Madraasi with Kitchen Connection – I teach my recipes online

Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver – Joined Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution as an Ambassador, also got to opportunity to collaborate with them and it’s been and being a proud moment for me. Check out this recipe – Chicken Vermicelli Biryani from Leftover Whole Stuffed Roasted Chicken and say no to Food Waste.

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Chicken Vermicelli Biryani

I have been working with many brands not only the food brands but also with home interiors, things related with kids as a parenting blogger where I got to recognized as a LIFESTYLE blogger and also few travel based clients based on food and travel with hotels and restaurants, online hotel platforms. Check out my reviews – CLICK HERE.

Got featured in leading magazines like Deccan Herald (Bangalore), Kumudam Snehidhi and Dt_Nxt (Tamil Nadu).

Happiest thing was my YouTube Channel – MADRAASI where I got to share my video recipes; it’s been just 4 months but got wonderful and lovely response. Do like and subscribe with us for easy and simple VIDEO recipes.

A Home Chef event with Eastern Condiments at my home discovered the tutor in me and let me know that I can teach my recipes.

I also got to design a Beautiful visiting card for me as a Madraasi, never expected all these would happen, when I started my life as Housewife a decade back.

Coming to the blog through which I got connected with few wonderful people who has been my inspiration, motivation, energy booster,  support and would love to mention the name of a person among them – Geeta Sridhar who I address as Akka (elder sister), the way she smiles, works for society everyone should learn from her – a pride of WomenHood.

Worst part in last year – At the same time, also met the worst part of my blogging life and got to know that even people are ready to kill someone if they get something in blogging which involves copying, critizing fellow bloggers. Also experienced some strange things like getting added (unknowingly) to WhatsApp group and was thrown out as not being active (funny).

Social Media – Coming to social media, last year to be frank I was doing good with all my social media handles, but faced few bad experiences through Facebook and WhatsApp because of few people who loves the word “NEUTRAL” and I am frank to say that I am not “NEUTRAL” and don’t ever want to be “NEUTRAL” but love to be honest, faithful, trustworthy, positive, encouraging and friendly person.  My Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest which made me get connected and connecting with wonderful people. From the experience got through my Facebook and WhatsApp – I got to learn many things, which would help me survive in this blogging world.

Dream Came True – Apart from all these things, 2016 was being my dream came true year, as learnt stitching. I love being fashionate right from my childhood, but somehow it took these many years for my dream to come true. I did my basic stitching course where I got to learn the basics of stitching.  Happy, I got to stitch few varieties of frock and skirts for my daughter. Hopefully I will be heading to the next level in next couple of months.

CLICK HERE for blog collabration and can stay connected with us in all my social media handles –

Madraasi - Social Media Handles - coverPage

Madraasi – Social Media Handles – coverPage

Thanks a lot for all your support for where I am today, coz nothing would be possible without all you. Extend you support, encouragement and love to Madraasi by staying with all our social media. Also feel free to subscribe, like and share the blog post, you tube videos. Love to hear from all you about your 2016. Stay Tuned for resolutions.

Bloggers Meet for


This was my long time pending post, since we have been to vacation after the meet up. After lots of discussion between my hubby and me, we planned for this meet up. Actually, we were on a hurry burry as we had to start to Ooty the next day for our vacation. Everyone knows about the packing challenge for a week trip, for a family with two naughty kids. However, apart from all these things we made it for the meet up arranged by & FBAB at OKO, The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore.

Here starts our Journey; we arrived at the right time. I was stunned to see the arrangements; it looked like a corporate meet, in a word, I could say very “Professional”. As a homemaker – my world is home and a few places outside my home (schools, markets, hospitals, shopping…), and I was so nervous to see all the arrangements. There were few people and there was a person who I know well, none other than Chef Bibhuti Bhusan Panigrahy commonly known as Chef Bb among Bangaloreans, one of the founder of Food Bloggers Association Bangalore (FBAB), followed by one “Hi” to him, we settled down on our seats.

Ms.Randeep from team gave us an intro about, it was user friendly, and not only about food, you can search all your needs through First we were given watermelon juice and kiwi juice, it was too good and then we were given a plate with few snacks, it was attractive and small in size (miniature). It tasted too good, there were about eight different dishes, I too remember few of the name like salmon-cucumber roll, wrap, mushroom sauce, salad… The Chef (forgot the name), one of the in-house chef of Lalit Ashok explained (name of the dish, ingredients used in the dish) about the dishes in the plate.

Next comes photography session by Mr.Satheesh. He gave some interesting tips about food photography and we were given a chance to click our plates. Most of our plates were finished by that time, and then they gave us a fresh plate filled with dishes.

Again, we were given another plate with desserts (pastries, sweets), the presentation of the plate and the taste was too good. The Chef, one of the in-house chefs of Lalit Ashok explained us about each dishes.

There was a session on food carvings by Chef Bb, but due to some personal reasons, we could not stay until the end – Missed the group photo session. When we were leaving, we got a momento as a note of thanks from and The Lalit Ashok.

A special thanks to Chef Bb to pick me out as one of the foodies and thanks to FBAB, and The Lalit Ashok for giving me this great opportunity. #FBAB #askmefoodiesmeetup #OKOTheLalitAshok