Drinks, or beverages, are liquids specifically prepared for human consumption. all beverages, including juice, soft drinks, and carbonated drinks, have some form of water in them. I have shared some of these recipes with my own touch from my kitchen. Do click on the below image to check and try it out in your kitchen.

Juice is a liquid that is naturally contained in a fruit or vegetables. It is commonly consumed as a beverage or used as an ingredient or flavouring in foods. Juice is prepared mechanically by squeezing the fruit or vegetables. Mostly they are prepared at home by using hand or electric juicers. Juice usually goes out well with breakfasts. They are often consumed for their perceived health benefits.



Mojito / Lemonade / Mocktail

Flavored Drinks



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Iced Tea

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Kashayam / Herbal juice

Kashayam / Herbal juice is a home brewed Indian ayurvedic medicine used for ailments like indigestion, cough and common cold etc. It is a water extract for herbs and spices. Many are bitter in taste and the liquid is dark in colour. It is mainly used in South – Indian families


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