Raita is an Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi condiment made with yogurt (curd) and can be used as either a sauce or dip, or a salad. The yogurt may be seasoned with coriander, cumin, mint, cayenne pepper, and other herbs and spices. Raita’s are mostly accompained with rice varieties. Raita’s are unique because they are cool and spicy at the same time. Indians cherish a large variety of raita’s. I have shared some of these recipes with my own touch from my kitchen. Do click on the below image to check and try it out in your kitchen.

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A salad is a dish consisting of small pieces of food, which may be mixed with sauce, salad dressing or syrup. Salads can incorporate wide variety of food such as vegetables, fruits, grains, cooked meat and eggs. Salad can be serve at anytime of the meal such as Appetizer salads – to increase the appetite, served with starters, Side salads –  to accompany the main food, Main course salads – a portion of salad consisting of chicken breast, meat or eggs and Desserr salads – sweet versions, fruits with sugar, ice cream and whipped cream.


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