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Food Hunt – Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC)


Recently I have been invited for an event named, “Food Hunt” – it was a fabulous meet sponsored by #MPOC (Malaysian Palm Oil Council). The day was very lovely, we were made to run from restaurant to restaurant for a game with a team of 4, with my fellow foodie friends.

Actually the event was to create awareness about the usage of Palm oil, I could remember very well that my grandma uses palm oil for frying when I was child, but after the sunflower and many other oils it was my mom who introduced the sunflower and now it’s me who uses sunflower, olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil and mustard oil based on the dish. I hope not only with me but it happens with most of us nowadays, we got forget the PALM OIL, which was used in early days. This event was organized by #MOPC to create awareness about palm oil – how to use them, how many times to use them, how healthy are they, how they are prepared. Very informative event.

About palm oil: They have high smoke point and so they can be reused for almost 3 to 4 times. Very good source for deep frying, use palm oil and make your deep frying dishes healthy. It is cheaper compared to the other oils. They don’t have extra flavor, aroma and so the dishes you prepare have their own taste. Palm oil is derived from the Palm fruit and this palm oil freezes below 20 degree. Also the major advantage of using palm oil is they contain very little cholesterol.

About the event: The event happened at MAINLAND CHINA, we were divided to groups of 4. There was 4 groups and first section – we were blindfolded and given a dish. The concept this section was every one of us in team was blindfolded and made to taste the food, after tasting we were asked to write the ingredients, used in the dish, happened at OH CALCUTTA. The second section – we were given puzzle to find out the restaurant and then we started running to the restaurant, there we were given ingredients for salads and was asked to prepare salad, happened at HOPPIPOLA. The third section – was having at EMPIRE HOTEL and then got the clue for the fourth section. The fourth section – a quiz, based on the Palm Oil, this happened at RUSSH. After the completion we reached Mainland china, then we played the magnetic dart, this followed by selfie with our team with colorful probs.

We had lunch at MainLand China, there huge spread of dishes in the buffet both for veg and non-veg. After lunch we were handed a goodie bag as token of love with the products prepared by palm oil.



As a mother, I would say that spending or engaging kids is totally fun. But when coming to cooking it’s fun and at the same time it’s little risky, you need to have patience, stay alert each and every second, fully dedicated, have to be strict at some times.

I love and my passion for food keeps on growing day by day, already I have mentioned in my posts that my daughter do cook and the little one my son helps me in kitchen. Inspired by these kids, my daughters friends wants me to teach them cooking. But I never took it serous, but when one of my friend asked me, “why don’t you help kids engage in cooking?” I was much confused and had tons of discussion over this to my hubby. Just like that he told “you can, go ahead”.

As I always expect for something perfect in each and every thing, I want these to kids not only to cook, but also chopping, kneading, stirring, peeling, grating, folding, cleaning not only the vegetables but also the vessels and the work area, and most important is the creativity. There should be creativity in each and everything we do.

By keeping all these in my thoughts, I have started the cooking class, starting with basic things like cleaning, chopping, grating, stirring, folding, kneading along with no-flame recipes and later to flame cooking.

Madraasi With Kids

Madraasi With Kids

Class was on live from last week – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5 to 6 p.m.

Monday 1st class: Class started with the peeling and chopping of the vegetables like carrot, salad carrot and cucumber, later peeling and grating of Radish for a salad. The main thing I got to find here was kids need more attention and care for grating than chopping.

Result: The kids love the salad, also I gave them little to take back home, to make their parents taste the food. Parents too told me the salad was lovely, I would say it would be a unforgettable, most expensive, tasty and colourful salad in the world for them, as it was prepared by their Kiddos.

Recipe Link for Vegetable salad: https://madraasi.com/2016/02/13/vegetable-salad-2/


Vegetable Salad - by KIDS

Vegetable Salad

Wednesday 2nd Class: Class started with the cleaning of fruits (apple, banana, black grapes, green grapes, and pomegranate) few tips, chopping and mixing of fruits together with ½ tsp of sugar and 2 tbsp of orange juice.

Result: Kids loved the salad and the best way to make kids consume the fruits.

Recipe Link for Fruit Salad: https://madraasi.com/2016/02/02/fruit-salad-2/

Fruit Salad - by KIDS

Fruit Salad – by KIDS

Thursday 3rd Class: Class started with separating the pomegranate seeds from the pomegranate, squeezing out lemon juice, handling juicer, filtering the juice, mixing of juice, chopping the lemon for lemon wedges to decorate the glass.

For recipe of Pomegranate Lemonade, do click on this link: https://madraasi.com/2016/02/13/pomegranate-lemonade-2/

For recipe of Lemon Mojito, do click on this link: https://madraasi.com/2015/04/28/lemon-mint-mojito/

This Pomegranate Lemonade was prepared for Valentine’s Day Special.


Mother’s Day – 2015


“Happy Mother’s Day to each and every soul in the world”

Every one of us very well know that today is “Mother’s Day”, also I came across so many post from many of my blogger friends through social networking. I have seen everyone talking about their mother or their motherhood, but “Motherhood” is there with every one of us. Whenever I remember the word Motherhood or Mother’s Day, First of all I remember my hubby, then my mom, grandparents and then my loved ones with whom I have seen the motherhood.

Mother's Day

Well from my point of view there are few words to describe mother – love, affection, sacrifice, caring nothing equals mother and motherhood. Only after being a mother, I could strongly understand the feelings of a mother, sometimes I been guilty for being playful all over my childhood days. But feeling motherhood other than mother is something miracle, lucky me I have seen it with hubby and two of the friends, whom I can share everything, a shoulder to fall at times of worry, hand to wipe out my tears, laugh along when I laugh, bursting of the childish activities (giggling, laughing, crying with loud voice), also includes shouting, fighting, a lap for me to give peaceful sleep.

Since I have been brought up my grandparents (paternal), now I could realize most of the incidents, my grandma who use to come around me, simply shouting – did you take that, this before I go anywhere. And most of these my grandpa who carries things for me (which I forget), before I leave the home may be to school, anywhere; he would be standing with the gates open before I come home and wait till disappear from his eye along the road on the way to school or anywhere. I just mock or laugh at them, when they do all this. But now being a mother I do the same with the kids, also this happens with my loved ones, now it means a lot for me and also expect whether they turn around to look at me (Bye). Nothing best than a mother or being a mother.