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Happy New Year 2016


Wishing each and everyone a very Happy (Healthy, wealthy, Peaceful and Successful) New Year.

Welcoming new year 2016

Welcoming new year 2016

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Up to now no resolutions but there something to be followed by me, also hope will follow that.

Love what you do, Do what you love, Dream a lot, Aim high, Work hard, Keep yourself busy, Never miss any opportunities, Spend time with yourself, Love yourself, Be confident, Be strong, Have a healthy Time pass, Spend time with kids, Control Anger, Eat well, Sleep well, Talk less, Smile lot, Accept the changes in your life (haters may become lovers and lovers may become haters), Never lose your self-respect ——– Live and Let Live.

2015 had many memories in my life which would stay forever. Hope for the better and best memories in 2016.

Be satisfied with what you have



Most of us, love to see, possess, hold something what we doesn’t want to have even after knowing it doesn’t belong to us. Before seeing God, everyone wants and loves to see God. But after seeing God everyone wants to be with the God, after being with God everyone wants to hold his hands, after holding his hands everyone wants to possess the God. Finally what would happen he is gone, then after we would realize instead of possessing at least we could tried ever holding his hands – Life. But still life continues, this is only fact…

Madraasi now on Facebook


Hi friends,

Going great with this blog with all your support. I have started a new facebook page https://www.facebook.com/madraasi.  Do visit and boost with your wonderful likes, comments and shares. Wishing you to extend your support just as you do here.