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Bloggers Meet for askme.com


This was my long time pending post, since we have been to vacation after the meet up. After lots of discussion between my hubby and me, we planned for this meet up. Actually, we were on a hurry burry as we had to start to Ooty the next day for our vacation. Everyone knows about the packing challenge for a week trip, for a family with two naughty kids. However, apart from all these things we made it for the meet up arranged by askme.com & FBAB at OKO, The Lalit Ashok, Bangalore.

Here starts our Journey; we arrived at the right time. I was stunned to see the arrangements; it looked like a corporate meet, in a word, I could say very “Professional”. As a homemaker – my world is home and a few places outside my home (schools, markets, hospitals, shopping…), and I was so nervous to see all the arrangements. There were few people and there was a person who I know well, none other than Chef Bibhuti Bhusan Panigrahy commonly known as Chef Bb among Bangaloreans, one of the founder of Food Bloggers Association Bangalore (FBAB), followed by one “Hi” to him, we settled down on our seats.

Ms.Randeep from askme.com team gave us an intro about askme.com, it was user friendly, and not only about food, you can search all your needs through Askme.com. First we were given watermelon juice and kiwi juice, it was too good and then we were given a plate with few snacks, it was attractive and small in size (miniature). It tasted too good, there were about eight different dishes, I too remember few of the name like salmon-cucumber roll, wrap, mushroom sauce, salad… The Chef (forgot the name), one of the in-house chef of Lalit Ashok explained (name of the dish, ingredients used in the dish) about the dishes in the plate.

Next comes photography session by Mr.Satheesh. He gave some interesting tips about food photography and we were given a chance to click our plates. Most of our plates were finished by that time, and then they gave us a fresh plate filled with dishes.

Again, we were given another plate with desserts (pastries, sweets), the presentation of the plate and the taste was too good. The Chef, one of the in-house chefs of Lalit Ashok explained us about each dishes.

There was a session on food carvings by Chef Bb, but due to some personal reasons, we could not stay until the end – Missed the group photo session. When we were leaving, we got a momento as a note of thanks from askme.com and The Lalit Ashok.

A special thanks to Chef Bb to pick me out as one of the foodies and thanks to FBAB, Askme.com and The Lalit Ashok for giving me this great opportunity. #FBAB #askmefoodiesmeetup #OKOTheLalitAshok