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Wheat Parotta


Parotta is one of the most famous dinner for Tuticorin, from the evenings till late night you can find atleast a single parotta stall in each and every nook and corner of the street. There are 4 to 5 hotels, were these parotta’s are very famous and each of them make their own style of Salna for this parotta. Whenever I am too my hometown, most of the time it would parotta for our dinner. These parotta’s are prepared with all-purpose flour, but I have tried making it with Wheat flour.

Wheat parotta is good compared to all-purpose flour/maida in healthwise, but the taste wise I would opt for all-purpose flour parotta. Soon will update the recipe for the other parotta, let me share the recipe…

Taking my most favorite dish to Fiesta Friday #131 hosted by Angie@thenovicegarderner. Co-Hosts – Su’s Healthy Living and Laura-Feast Wisely


  • Wheat flour/Atta – 3 cups
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil – 3 tbsp.


  • Take the wheat flour/atta in a wide mouth bowl, along with salt. Mix it well.
  • Pour water little by little and start kneading the dough, when it’s almost done.
  • Pour a tbsp of oil and knead for 5 mins or until the flour absorbs the oil.
  • Pour another tbsp of oil and knead for another 5 to 10 mins, and drizzle a tsp of oil over the dough and let is rest for 5 mins.
  • Take a small portion of the dough, roll it to a ball (lemon size), and keep it aside. Continue this process for the whole dough.
  • In the workspace, start flattening the dough with a rolling pin and then lift one corner of the flour and start folding them in zig zag.
  • Once it’s done, take the folded dough and roll it to a circle, drizzle little oil over the dough and keep it aside.
  • Continue the same process for the whole dough, cover with a plate and let it rest for 20 mins.
  • Heat a tawa, grease it with oil, now gently flatten the rolled dough and place it over the tawa.
  • Drizzle little oil along the sides, swap and cook both sides for 3 to 4 mins or until it’s cooked.

Serve hot with Chicken Salna or Chicken Kurma or Veg kurma or any curry of your choice. I have served it with Chicken salna / Curry.

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Instant Wheat Appam Recipe / How to make Instant wheat panniyaram / Godhumai Paniyaram recipe


This one was my long time wait dish and finally prepared it few days back. Mostly this kuzhipaniyaram batter needs fermentation, but this never needs fermentation and just they are prepared in minutes.

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The dish was delicious and sweet, kids love this dish to the core. This can also be attempted as a salted or spicy version, but since the first time I have given a try with the sweet version. A healthy breakfast or a perfect snack for kids when they are from school. Let us move on to the recipe…

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Instant Wheat Paniyaram

Instant Wheat Paniyaram

Serving: 4 People

Cooking Time: 10 to 15 mins

Preparation Time: 10 min


  • Wheat flour – 2 cups
  • Banana – 1 (large size)
  • Cooking soda – ¼ tsp
  • Jaggery syrup – a cup
  • Coconut (grated) – ½ cup
  • Salt – ¼ tsp
  • Ginger powder – ½ tsp
  • Cardamom powder – ½ tsp
  • Oil or ghee/clarified butter – 3 tbsp

Making of Instant Wheat Appam / Godhumai Paniyaram –


  • Prepare Jaggery syrup.
  • Take wheat flour, cardamom powder, cooking soda, grated coconut, and pinch of salt, ginger powder all together in a bowl.
  • Mash the banana, add it to the bowl and keep mixing it with the flour.
  • Pour in jaggery syrup little by little, mix well with your hands (be sure that lumps are formed).
  • Check for the sugar in the flour, if the sweetness is ok, pour in water little by little and mix it well, it should be in dosa batter or pancake consistency.
  • Heat the appe pan / kozhipaniyaram pan, drizzle oil, fill half of the hole with the batter and cover with the lid for 5 mins. Cook in medium flame.
  • Remove the lid and swap the sides of the paniyaram, cover and cook for another 5 mins.
  • Transfer it to a plate.

Serve hot. A perfect and a healthy snack or breakfast for kids.