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Launch of Danone at Bangalore (The Healthy Swap with Danone)


Danone – World’s No. 1 Fresh Dairy Co started its activity in India by 2010. As a food company, they are always innovating to address the major food and health challenges. Also, they adapt themselves to the nutritional needs and cultures of each and every country where they operate.

Danone dairy has both fresh diary and UHT offerings, also they have launched range of flavored yoghurts and smoothies which best suits Indian customers. The fresh products include Dahi, Misti Doi and flavored yoghurts. The UHT includes UHT milk, buttermilk, lassi, cold coffee and smoothies.

And the latest addition to their products is Plain Greek Yoghurt and flavored yoghurt (Mango with fruit pieces, Strawberry with fruit pieces and Blueberry with Fruit pieces), which was launched few days back at Fava, Bangalore.

Recently being a food blogger, I came across many people looking forward to Greek Yoghurt – as it’s very good health with high protein and low-fat content. It was at the launch event, where Dietician Madhavi – explained about the Greek Yoghurt and its health benefits.

Greek Yoghurt is similar to Hung curd (thicken curd), but prepared from the double toned milk, which has less fat content and more protein content.

Greek yoghurt is being used as a replacement of milk, mayonnaise, chips and also our so called more calorie snack like samosa, chat… They can be consumed in anytime, may be as a smoothie along with fruits as breakfast, with salad, as a spread in bread, dip and along with fruits for lunch or snack time or dinner. A perfect and healthy replacement for snacks. Also because of the rich content of dietary fiber, they provide more satisfaction by consuming a small quantity which is good for diabetes.

Plain Greek yoghurt is best for diabetes as they don’t have any sugar content in them, whereas the flavored ones have little sugar content due to the flavor in them. This can be consumed as such or can be served with fruits, vegetables and so on.

Greek Yoghurt are packed very well, as they are distributed to the shops within 2 to 3 days of manufacture. Also, they have a specific expiry date, within which they should be consumed. Moreover, its required to store them in a refrigerator, to avoid it from spoiling. Also it priced INR 35/- for 80 gm pack which is more sufficient for an adult.

Chef Abhijit Saha, shared his fruitful experience with Danone and also demonstrated three food recipes with Danone Greek Yoghurt. Also, we had a chance to taste over the dishes tried out using Greek Yoghurt.

Due to more and more health issues, and now most of us concentrating on our diet, can take a shift to Danone Greek Yoghurt which helps to maintain our health and enjoy a happy life – #TheHealthySwap


Cooking event by Master Chef Shazia Khan with TTK Prestige at The Oberoi, Bangalore


Got an invite for a Cooking event by “Master Chef Shazia Khan” with TTK prestige at The Oberoi, Bangalore. Chef Shazia Khan, the master chef runner up – she who demonstrated about the innovative tools from TTK Prestige along with a cooking session.

She curated a fusion menu for the cooking show – Dukkah crusted paneer with creamy beetroot, The brinjal affair, Grilled figs with almond crumble and vanilla mousse, Chilli mutton sliders, Cuban chicken sewers and Grape juice puchka shots.

During the preparation of the dishes, she used a range of variety of TTK prestige products like

  •  ·         Prestige Air-Fryer – A very healthy appliance where no oil is used for deep fry any ingredient.
  • ·         Prestige Slow Juicer
  • ·         Clip on pressure cooker – Which helps you to cook food faster, with maximum security and also it can be used as a kadhai.
  • ·         Schott Glass Gas hop top
  • ·         Automatic Mixer Grinder
  • ·         Induction cook Top
  • ·         Gold Cookware
  • ·         Veggie Cutter – Veggie cutter which chops of the vegetable and just you need to rotate using a knob given over the there, which helps in faster cooking.

About TTK prestige:

Personally, I would like to say that I am a huge fan of prestige as all my non-stick cookware, my glass top hob that I use in daily basics are from TTK prestige. Coming to the event, Mr. Chandru Kalro, Managing Director, TTK Prestige said, “Cooking has evolved into an art form. It is important to have the right cooking tools and gadgets to recreate the prefect dish. Now with the help of TTK Prestige, it is easy to re-create nouvelle cuisine from the comfort of your home”.

Over the past six decades TTK Prestige Limited, has emerged as India’s largest Kitchen appliances company catering to the needs of home makers in the country. Every Prestige brand is built on the pillars of safety, innovation, durability, and trust, making the brand the first choice in millions of homes. Also Prestige has launched “Prestige Clean Home” a range innovative home cleaning solutions.

We also had a tasting after the food was completed, each and every food was too good. As this has been my second meetup with Chef. Shazia Khan, I liked all her dishes, she creates everything innovative and yum.

After the tasting we had a lunch at The Oberoi, Bangalore – Each and every dish was too delicious. Being a fan of Prestige, also right from my childhood I have seen my mom using Prestige non-stick vessel right from kadhai till the dosa pan. And now the same with me, but it’s right from glass top stove till tadka pan. Waiting eagerly to try other products also. Thanks to TTK Prestige for inviting me for this informative event and making day more special with TTK Prestige.


For more details you can refer – https://www.prestigesmartkitchen.com/

Diabetic Food Trail – World Diabetic Food Trail


Got an invite for the Diabetic Dessert Trail on Nov 13th on behalf of World Diabetic Day 2016 by Diabetic Food Trail with Britannia.

Diabetes Dessert Trail - World Diabetes Day 2016

Diabetes Dessert Trail – World Diabetes Day 2016

As every one of my followers knew that I collect Diabetic recipes for my diabetic hubby, was eagerly and when it comes to variety of diabetic desserts, it was much excited.

The Diabetic Food Trail is all set, once again, to offer Diabetics, Pre-Diabetics and Health conscious individuals, a wonderful culinary experience at over 200 restaurants across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore & Pune. The Diabetic Food Trail is presented by Britannia Nutrichoice Essentials in association with Biocon, the largest Indian Insulins Company. Britannia and Biocon have once again partnered with DFT, this year along with Fitternity.com, Health & Nutrition and Burrp! By extending their support, Britannia Nutrichoice

The Diabetic Food Trail was founded by Seema Pinto and Manoj Pinto and is presented by Semora Entertainment Works. Seema Pinto, who is a diabetic, is very passionate about the Diabetic Food Trail, and hopes that in the years to come, the Diabetic Food Trail is not restricted to just 3 weeks in a year. Her vision is to see that all the restaurants will serve a healthy and diabetic friendly menu as part of the regular menu, thereby giving people a choice to eat healthy, throughout the year.

As we all knew that one in every 10 people have diabetic, this diabetic awareness program is to show that Diabetic is not a disease that needs medicine, but it’s about the food management – well-management diet and fitness program.

The Diabetic Dessert Trail started from

  • FAVA restaurant, where we had 2 desserts –
        o Fresh Ricotta and Red Grape Timbale with NutriChoice Essentials 5 Grain Cookie crumble  and organic honey
      o Sugar-free Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate Sorbet with Cut Fresh Fruits
  • CAPERBERRY restaurant – 2 desserts –
        o Sugar-free Belgian Chocolate Decadence with NutriChoice Essentials Oats Cookie Crumble and fresh Berries (Eggless)
      o Pannacotta (eggless and sugar free) with Orange compote, Vanilla sauce and crunchy Tuile


          o No Bake Muesli Cheesecake with NutriChoice Essentials Oats Cookies
        o Twisted Ragi Choco Cake with NutriChoice Essentials Ragi Cookies



      o Apple Plum Strudel


o Apricot Cranberry Cup Cakes with NutriChoice Essentials Oats Cookies
o Blueberry Mint Parfait with NutriChoice Essentials Oats Cookies
Each and every dessert was yummy, delicious, and heavenly with low calories and was infused with natural sugar may be from the fruits or the dark chocolate.

Also I could hear all your mind voices; yeah the recipes will be updated one by one as we got to see few of the desserts demonstrated by the chef who curated the menu. Stay tuned with us.

After the dessert trail followed the fitness camp by fitternity.com, we headed to Tribe Fitness at Indira Nagar, Bangalore. Fitternity.com which was founded by Neha Motwani, says that “Eatig right and Working out” is the way to lead a healthy life. There we had a very informative session with their coach, actually most of them followed the exercises and taught by the coach. But I could never follow, which realized me that I am not fit. So most of us have thought that being lean is what being fit, but it’s absolutely wrong being fit means that your body is flexibe. It was very fun and two our foodie friends made us stunned with their head strands.

Diabetes Dessert Trail - World Diabetes Day 2016

Diabetes Dessert Trail – World Diabetes Day 2016

More informative section which made me realize many things related to health right from the food we eat till the activities do in our day to day life. Soon would be changing my lifestyle to the health way.