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Happy Birthday My Love


A very special day in my life – it’s my best half Birthday. Everyone say their life partner a better half, but I would say you are best half and also thank god for having you in my life. Love to say only this thing now – With you everything is possible, but without you nothing is possible.
Love you forever and wish you to be support, encourage and be with me forever. It was before 13 years when thought my world was demolished after a great man (my grandpa), it’s you who brought my world back, your every single word when I am totally down and sometimes may be even I decide to quit something – is the reason for what I am now.
There is something SPECIAL this year, got few more opportunities regarding travel and food, I am pretty sure it would be difficult for me to make it and so he is joining me to take it ahead. So friends do support us in our journey.
Wish you a very happy Birthday, I am sure by this year few of our dreams will be done. LOVE YOU Dear

Happy Birthday to my love



This has been my long long delay, about one my sweetest day (May 30th) – My Hubby’s Birthday. I never imagined or knew him before we got engaged – it’s purely arranged marriage and now it’s full and full of loads and tons of love. I adapt to or try to adapt to my surroundings when it’s necessary, but by heart I am typical tamilian girl, also I am sentimental, emotional, and very possessive when it comes my hubby and kids, moody and so on. I look like a cool person but I am not so.

According to me hubby means everything – I wish him to be father, mother, friend, lover, and well-wisher. I very well knew only few of the couples make a perfect pair, and I am glad to say that we are one among them. I never thought of getting such an understandable, lovable, caring, and affectionate and a friendly person as my hubby.

More than this I am proud to say that he values my opinion, and have a look for my decision in many things. I would say my happiness, and still holding me in the as I wish, cannot be succeeded without him. Wishing him a very very happy Birthday and many many more birthdays with me. Also I would say none other than him could be make a perfect pair for me.

This time, it was a most wonderful day. A made a birthday cake along with the help of my kids, also we collected gifts, had a perfect lunch and spend the rest of the day with one and only in our home. I very well knew my hubby loves the combination of nuts (walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts) and raisins in the cake, so we baked a moist cake with all these nuts and sugar syrup. Later we dressed up it with cream icing. The taste was delicious, not only my hubby also my kids loved the cake to the core.

A big thanks to my kids, even my younger one who is 3 ½ yrs old, helped for the suprise by keeping all preparations secret and also pretended as though they slept with him but got up at midnight 12 A.M and pulled him out of bed, wishing him “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PA”.