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MasterChef Cooking Class at Toscano, VR Bengaluru, Whitefield, Bangalore


Got an invite for Master Chef Cooking class “Chef’s College” at Toscano, VR BENGALURU, Whitefield, Bangalore – “Uncover the secrets behind Gnocchi” by MasterChef. Gautham Balasubramanian.

Duration of the class – 2 hrs (10 A.M to 12 A.M) on Sunday, the event was organized once in a month. The class included a high tea and followed by lunch at Toscano.  

Chef. Gautham Balasubramanian gave a demo on how to make a Gnocchi with the tips and tricks, so that one could make easily at home. Being a mom, I would say most of the kids loves the Italian Cuisine, the same with my kids too. So soon my hands would be trying on this Gnocchi.

We got to see the demo of 3 different varieties of Gnnochi made by both Chef.Gautham and Chef.Sridhar. Dishes are Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi, Potato Gnocchi and PATE A CHOUX-PARISIAN GNOCCHI.

Let me share the few pictures from the class…



Healthy Home with Dr.Fixit


Recently got an invite to a Bloggers Meet hosted by PIDILITE at International Exhibition Center, Bangalore. It took a long time for me to reach because of the heavy traffic.

It was a very informative event and I am happy to be a part of the event. As all of you know that I have been writing about interiors (building), I felt this meet to be quite informative as I acquired a great knowledge about the transformation of a house to a home.

“Healthy Home leads to a Healthy Family”, as I strongly believe that only when your surroundings are clean you can be healthy. There are three essential things a human should have in his life – Food, Clean Clothes and a healthy Shelter. So a proper and a clean shelter is a must for everyone. As of today’s lifestyle trend, each and every one of us dream of our own shelter (may it value lakhs, crores or millions).

We expect a lot like good surroundings, healthy and peaceful life when we spend for our shelter, as it’s the only HEAVEN of every single person.

Recently I met a friend who bought a house a couple of years back, but in just a few years, her house is facing many problems like seepage, dampness and cracks. Because of these things, her kitchen gets spoilt, dresses get damaged and smell bad, and also, these problems have resulted in the frequent occurrence of illness in the members of the family. So when you decide to buy a house, its best to check out for the product to choose and to avoid so to protect your house from all such problems.

I would strongly recommend you to move to DR.FIXIT and consult with them for the waterproofing problems, as they have many solutions each and everything differs from room to room with beautiful accessories. Also it’s not late when find you find any such problems now at your house, you can consult with DR.FIXIT, their engineer would solve your problem. CLICK HERE to refer my earlier post – PROTECT YOUR HOME ABOUT DR.FIXIT.

You can refer their website http://www.drfixit.co.in/ where they also have a live chat feature to make it easier for you to get in touch with their engineers. To further simplify this they have launched their mobile app, so you can connect with them from anyplace and anytime.

Yippee Noodles – Bloggers meet with ITC Food Products


As I have shared you my wonderful experience (Bloggers meet with ITC Food Products) about the Bloggers meet @ ITCGardenia, Bangalore hosted by QualityITCFoods, and here are few more information to be shared by me – “NOT SOMETHING BUT EVERYTHING ABOUT YIPPEE NOODLES” and few details about their other brands.

  • Ghee – they have their own cattle development center with pre-hybrid program. They collect about 72,000 liters of milk every day.
  • Aashrivaad – Aashrivaad Atta was launched in 2002, and been the India’s No.1 branded Atta, their market shares grows with this brand.
  • Sunfeast – they have been ranked as 3rd in market share in India among Biscuits and has 11% share in ITC.
  • Bingo being launched in 2007, which includes different flavors of Potato chips and the most popular among them is Bingo-MadAngles.
  • Kitchens of India: They offer authentic Indian dishes, created by the Master Chefs of ITC Hotels, of ready-to-eat dishes, prepared in minutes (open the pack, heat and serve it on my table).
  • B Natural – Their fruit-based juices and beverages which was launched in 2015, It was too good with delicious, thick and taste of fruit. No word for their Jamun Joy, I and my hubby loved it to the core, which was one among the compliment in goodies list at their Bloggers Meet.
  • Yippee – Ms. Kavitha Chaturvedi, the Head of Marketing was the one behind the YIPPEE Noodles, for almost 13 yrs. and she shared us about the back story of yippee noodles (2007 to 2010).
    • YIPPEE Noodles was launched around 2010.
    • Innovation: When compared with all the noodles, YIPPEE noodles is completely innovative in their shape. They are round blocks while others are in square.
    • Reason Behind why it’s been round in shape: Usually most of us, break the noodles block when we are about to cook because it need to fit the vessel, but here the block is never broken because of its round shape as it fits the vessel.
    • Texture: It’s non sticky and non-breakable even after stirring it heavily. But they have tried almost with 1300 blocks to attain this texture.
    • Masala: Almost most of us substitute veggies, meat or egg to make the noodles healthier, but with yippee noodles they have induced vegetables and other spices in the form of masalas. So it’s needs just 2 mins to get ready.
    • Masala varieties: They tired 15 different masalas, then got shortlisted to 6 and later to 2 masalas based on the customers review. They are CLASSIC Masala and MAGIC Masala.
    • They have undergone too many test with their own 395 scientists in their own research center in peenya which is the largest research center of India and got approved over market.

Also we had a section, YOU ASK WE ANSWER it was awesome as Ms. Kavitha and Mr. Rajesh V.L, C.E.O of ITC foods answered all questions asked by our fellow bloggers in patience. Not only for us but they ready to answer everyone, do check out this link to get more details about YIPPEE Noodles: http://www.sunfeastyippee.com/yippee-safe.aspx. Also an audio visual about the making of YIPPEE noodles was played during the session, do check out this link for the visual treat:  http://www.sunfeastyippee.com/VideoGallery.aspx.

Thanks a lot to ITC Foods products, ITC Gardenia and Gopika kaul for giving the great opportunity.

Also if want to make any innovative food with YIPPEE Noodles, do check out my VEGETABLE NOODLES PANCAKE and Pizza Noodles, hope not only kids everyone will love it for breakfast or as a snack (when kids are home).

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