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Happy Birthday to Our Princess


“You’re none other than a friend, your none other than a sibling, your none other than a mother – Happy Birthday Our Princess”

A most important day in my life is April 23rd, my daughter’s birthday (my everything) – last year we celebrated her birthday in Devshola Estate, Mango Tree Bungalow and it was her last year’s surprise but this year there was a new surprise for her. This year also the place is the same, since we all love the place but the surprise is different with few gifts. As she turned out 9, I planned for 9 gifts, as everyone know girls are fond of gifts, we (me, my hubby and her uncle) all planned for gifts to give a big surprise.

Just like went for shopping all together, left her with my friend and collected her gifts. The day night we started wrapping it after the kids slept and packed it carefully with out her knowledge and got ready for the travel. Already the cake was ordered by my hubby’s friend, who stays there in coonoor, which is half an hour drive from the Devshola Homestays.

The day before her birthday, we never spoke to her about her birthday and stayed as though we forgot the day. I could see her eagerly waiting if anyone talks about her birthday and we made the kids sleep around 10. I and my hubby woke up after they slept and made the arrangements, woke her by 12 and gave her a surprise by kitting the candles in a dark room. She was surprised to see the cake and candles, but she had no words when she found a simple bouquet made by me with roses and the gifts – Tears came down her eyes, hugging me with a soft words – Thanks MOM. What would a mother need than this????????? However, I felt happy when I saw the way of expression for gifts; I am proud and happy that I she liked all the gifts her, particularly what I bought her 😛

I love my kids to the core for no reason, but this girl she not only resembles me physically, but she resembles me in most of the things. She understands me very well; she tries hard to make me happy when I am out of mood. As per the saying, “Every kid is a kid for their parent may be they are 80’s or 90’s” – I use to hide my stress, anxiety, worries, sorrows, pains but this girl she founds out everything and just tend to make me normal, maybe I should say that she acts as a mother to me at sometimes.

Happy Birthday our princess, we all love you a lot. Got too say one more thing, “I am there for you at time, any place” and also wish you’re a lots and lots of good health and plenty and plenty of wealth, wish your dreams and my dreams on you come true.








Halloween day celebrations at our home. Stay tuned for recipes …