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Muddy Custard with Britannia Good Day Chunkies


Here is one more opportunity for people to meet the amazing hosts of Master Chef Australia – It’s very easy and simple, if you are Britannia Chunkies Lover, it’s much easier for you and no worries if you haven’t tasted yet. Just walk down the street, grab a packet of Britannia Good Day Chunkies from the neighborhood shop and follow the below things:

Step 1: Make an amazing dish with Chunkies

Step 2: Upload a picture of the dish with a Chunkies pack on your FB/Twitter/Instagram account with #ChefsWithChunkies. Also, put up your recipe as a note on FB or on your blog and share the link in your entry. 10 lucky winners stand a chance to meet the Masterchef Australia hosts in person on the 4th of June, 2016!

Stand a chance to meet Master Chef Australia

Stand a chance to meet Master Chef Australia

For contest terms & conditions, refer to this link: https://www.facebook.com/BritanniaGoodDay/?fref=ts

And now here is my entry – Muddy Custard with Britannia Chunkies

The Britannia Good Day Chunkies  is truly unlike any other cookie I have eaten.They are big crumbly cookies loaded with chocolate chips that just melt in my mouth-absolutely delicious!

And so keeping the texture of this Britannia Chunkies in my mind, thought of preparing something related to the term Muddy. As I like custard to the core, thought why not a chunkie custard, which would be a unique, yummy, delicious and heavenly dessert prepared with just two ingredients. This is how my Muddy Custard with Britannia Chunkies came to existence. #ChefsWithChunkies.


Everyone in our home right from my hubby till my younger one (4 yrs) liked it to the core. The texture was too good with three layers, first one with the crumbles, second one with the original custard, third one with the chunky custard and the fourth one again with the crumbles, topped with pieces of chunkies. Let me share the recipe…


  • Britannia Good Day Chunkies – 1 pack (100 gm)
  • Home Made Custard – 5 tbsp


  • Blend 3 Britannia chunkies for almost a min (it will turn to a paste). Transfer it to a bowl and keep it aside.
  • In a bowl, take 2 tbsp of custard, add in the chunky paste and mix well (ensure no lumps should be formed). Keep it aside.
  • Now just crumble 2 Britannia chunkies in a blender for just 5 seconds. Transfer it to a bowl and keep it aside.
  • Take a glass or bowl, first layer it with crumbled Britannia chunkies (it should be like a bed).
  • Then gently drop in the plain custard, level it well, for the second layer.
  • Then gently drop in the chunky custard, level it well, for the third layer.
  • Again sprinkle the chunky crumbles, for the fourth layer.
  • Now break another chunky and top it over the chunky layer.
  • Refrigerate for an hour.

Serve chilled.

Note: I have used home made custard, you can also use the store bought one. For home-made Custard recipe, click here.

Tender Coconut Custard


This is my next share about my adventure with food, so called foodventure –Dessert with Twist. I hate summers, but like the nature produce at summer. As a foodie, I like to explore and give a try to all the fruits and veggies, gifted by nature and at times I too develop a healthy coolant recipe with no artificial flavoring or artificial essence. I like to have tender coconut, on summers right from my childhood. But whenever I have tender coconut, I would demand for the tender coconut meat, when I found it glassy and thin I would like to have it. Incase if it’s hard and thick, I would never have it.

This things happens right from my childhood, but now after developing few culinary skills, I thought why we don’t try something with this tender coconut meat. This time when I had tender coconut, I got the tender coconut meat home, and was wondering what to prepare with this. Just like that went and checked my refrigerator and found summer special fruits lying there. It was apple, plum and banana and whenever I have apple and banana at home, I go for fruit custard which I love to the core and would say my anytime favorite dessert.

And now hope you all would have caught what my mind says, yes my mind wants me to try Custard with the Tender coconut meat. I very well knew that once the tender coconut meat gets grinded with milk or tender coconut water, it would retain a thick and fluffy texture. And so now I am into action, as told in the previous post – Let me share my adventure with food with #Foodventures, conducted by Axis Bank Dining Delights where the best foodventure will get a chance to dine with Michelin Star Chef – Vikas Khanna and Food Connoisseur Vir. Sanghvi.

Never miss the opportunity to get featured with the celebrities and to bring out your #Foodventures to the world.

You can also refer to their website in this link: http://foodventures.diningdelights.in/ and the video to get a clear view of #Foodventures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTUKM0Chop8

Let me now share my recipe…


  • Tender coconut meat / Yelaneer Thengai – 2 nos
  • Milk – ½ cup
  • Sugar – 1 tbsp
  • Agar-agar – a fistful
  • Mixed fruits (pomegranate, apple, papaya, watermelon) – 2 cups


  • Drain all the water and take only the tender coconut meat in the blender. Blend well to a fine paste.
  • Pour in the milk along with sugar and blend them well to a fine paste.
  • Meanwhile wash the agar-agar in running water (until it becomes soft).
  • Boil the water, add in the agar-agar and continue until it gets dissolved in water.
  • Remove from flame, bring it to room temperature.
  • Pour it to the tender coconut paste, continue blending it to fine paste.
  • Pour it to bowl, refrigerate it for 5 hrs.
  • Peel and finely chop the fruits. In a glass bowl, start layering the fruits one by one and top it with tender coconut custard.
  • Refrigerate for 20 to 30 mins.

My Foodventure – Will it make my dream come true?


Whenever I get free time, I use to spend most of the time in browsing something (sites). Today when I got some free time, I thought of surfing my own site (www.madraasi.com) and found few of my recipes very interesting and innovative.

Let me share few things about how my Nungu Payasam / Ice-Apple Kheer came to existence. I tried out Yelaneer Payasam/Tender coconut Kheer at home and my kids loved the taste of it and so I thought of trying out Ice-Apple/Nungu in Tamil, and let me share the other names Taad, taal, toddy palm and so on.

Nungu Payasam / Ice Apple Kheer

Nungu Payasam / Ice Apple Kheer

Short Description of Nungu Payasam/Ice-Apple Kheer: I have boiled the milk with sugar and ½ tsp of cardamom powder. Bring it to room temperature. Later blend the flesh of Ice-Apple (preferably hard ones) along with a cup of milk and 5 to 6 pieces of soaked cashew nuts to a fine paste. Later mix this grounded paste along with ½ litre of boiled milk (should be at room temperature else the milk will be curdled), temper few pieces of cashew nuts and raisins in ghee/clarified butter and pour it to the milk, give a stir and serve at room temperature or chilled.

Do check out this link for step by step pictorial recipe: https://madraasi.com/2015/04/08/nungu-payasam-ice-apple-payasam-palm-fruit-kheer/.

Beyond my expectation this Ice-Apple Kheer came out very well, usually my son never consumes Ice-Apple but in the form of Kheer, he loved it. As a mother, I am well satisfied as the kids consumed Ice-Apple and as a Recipe developer, I am glad that my Kheer had a good response among kids.

Only when I surfed my site, I could recognize the adventure that I have gone through food. Proud to be a foodie, a food blogger and a recipe developer.

Not only me, but I hope everyone will have your own adventure with food as we cook daily. Now here is a golden opportunity for each and every one to share your own food adventures which is conducted by AXIS BANK – DINING DELIGHTS as #Foodventures.

I am die hard fan of Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna, hope to meet him at least once in my lifetime and the foodventure helped me move towards my dream.

Moreover the person with the best adventure has a chance to feature in a video with Michelin Star Chef Vikas Khanna and Food Connoisseur Vir Sanghvi. So why wait? Start sharing your adventures at #Foodventures.

Do check out this video for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZXFbD1xYgI and do check out their website for more details: http://foodventures.diningdelights.in/