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Happy Birthday to My Gal


As years keep on blooming in my life, so does you My Girl. The word my girl never suits you, maybe I should call you my mom, the one sits by my side never mind the situation and boosts me with loads of energy and soothing words, maybe should call you my friend, as I share all most all of my happiness and sorrow to you, may be should I call you my sibling, as you care a lot for me, may be should I call you my cousin, as you make fun on me, at times even we get to fight like anything but you are my cute little daughter with all these in you.

Happy Birthday Hiranmayi

Happy Birthday Hiranmayi

I admire the way you are, now I would say that you are my pride – When I got to have an experience, telling everyone in a crowd that “I am her mother”. This year there is something which is the must to share with you – “Be yourself, be a lioness” – Love you.

Happy BIRTHDAY GIRLIE, Wish many many and so many birthdays to come with loads and loads of success, good health and plenty of wealth throughout your future.