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Birthday to Me


Here comes the day, when I cheer up me wishing myself – “Happy Birthday, got tons of things to do“, because of the person within me(my grandfather), none other than you can make me happy. Every birthday when I turn back, I feel nothing with me except memories both evil and good, but this time I feel that I have something with me and the reason behind everything was my inspiration (my grandfather) and his dreams. I strongly believe that I would make your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday - 2016

Happy Birthday – 2016

All the birthdays, I use to feel for things I don’t have. But this time I am happy, that I felt and feeling happy for the things and people I have in my life.
Every time as I say, when I was told the meaning of name (named by my grandpa), and love to follow it. Deepa (deepam) – which enlightens things in dark. Still learning lessons of life – may be I would say that this year has turned me, eligible to in this mysterious world, handle things that come to me the same way.
Only thing I wish on this day is “Need more energy, power, intelligence and patience”
Blessed to be in beautiful relationship as a mother, wife, friend and relative for the ones who need my relation.

ThiruKarthigai / Karthigai Deepam


Tamil Nadu celebrates Karthigai Deepam as the traditional festival. This festival is very important among the Tamils and every Tamil want to celebrate it wherever they are in this huge world.

Hindu people respect and have complete faith on Lord Shiva. They consider him as the protector of the world and pray to him at all times.  They have a strong faith that HE will see to all their sorrows and will take great care of them. He will try to fulfill all the desires of the humans coming to him with prayers.

Sri Annamalaiar Hill is considered as Lord Shiva’s great presence in Thiruvannamalai. People believe that the huge light lit during 5 pm will make people close with Lord Shiva on Kathigai Deepam. Lord Shiva will shed all his blessings during this special time of the year. He is rigidly worshipped during this time. Great care is taken to light the huge fire in this place. People gather around the place and call in the name of Shiva to put an end to all the troubles and bring in peace in every life.

This festival of lights involves lighting lights almost anywhere to put an end to darkness. They want to show lights to the Gods who will be impressed with their worship and continue to look after the followers for ages to come.

One must not miss out the grand occasion occurring on the hills. They will feel very close to Lord Shiva and his power if they see the worship and the lit fire.

So people celebrate it in different ways the most common everyone is all the houses are lit by deepams. We celebrate by preparing ladoos made of roasted gram and roasted peanuts in the morning and having it all over day till litting the deepams and will never have any other food. Finally we prepare a big vegetarian feast and offer it to god, then lit the deepams and then will have the food.

Happy Birthday – 2014






Wow! Here comes the day my Birthday – The right day to thank everyone who have encouraged me, discouraged me and so on. I am happy and sure to say that, like my name I have been glowing stronger day by day and also still have to glow a lot more. There is not something but very special thing on this birthday, my all time dream came true. The only thing that doesn’t change and will never change every birthday is I miss my loved one.

The most wonderful thing is my son’s Birthday song for me right on 12 ‘o’ clock and my daughter’s lovely greeting.

Wishing me a very happy Birthday and looking forward for all the hopes and desire come true. Coz none other than me can make me think and feel positive.