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Once when a child is born, he/she is bonded with love of his/her parents. This bond is called relationship. Relationship is more related to nature. It is as delicate as glass. When we are in good and strong relationship we get boosted. When we are in bad and worst relationship it makes us feel that we are nothing. Everyone is there in a relationship it may be kinship, friendship. No one is without a relationship may be the kinship, relationship. Being in a relationship doesn’t matter but holding the relationship matters. There are few things to be followed in relationship such as responsibility, love, commitment, trust, patience, sacrifice, fights, faith, tears, anger, jealousy, pain, secrets, time and so on.


The first relationship bond starts with mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents, uncle, aunt, cousins so called the kinship. Then comes the bond friendship which stays forever till the life persists. Then comes the bond through society so called as social relationship. Then comes the bond through marriage so called as committed relationship. Again comes to the bond children, in-laws, grandchildren so called the kinship. Incase when there is no bond in relationship it results in the breakup. Each and every relationship above stated has some expectation; the only relationship where there is  no expectation other than love is  friendship. Relationship also keeps changing over time, since it depends on both the people involved there. Relationship don’t just happen, they happen only with two people who really want to be together.