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Food Review – Big Pitcher


My long time wait post, this was our 25th FBAB meetup – Big Pitcher, Bangalore. The meet was fabulous, since it was FBAB’s 25th meet we had loads and loads of fun, also I am glad and happy to stay that I am being quite comfortable and happy to be in this group. This group was got me connected with many blogger friends and foodies. Deep from my heart I wish the team FBAB and FBAB group, to achieve all the success throughout future. Also I would suggest this a perfect platform for Foodies and Food bloggers.

Big Pitcher Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

About Big Pitcher: A six floors of Exhilarating experience, Bengaluru’s biggest craft brewery on Old Airport Road offers the best beers, cocktails and cuisine in town. They have something for everybody like DJ’s music, gorge on the buffet, organize a corporate party, strile a business deal, and enjoy a quiet romantic meal, birthday celebrations and much more.

Location: Old Airport Road, next to Leela Palace.

Ambience: Ambience was quiet cool, with beautiful interiors. We had been to the 2nd floor, the setup was based on the cowboy theme. Their wood works such as the wodden barrels converted to dining tables was classy.

Food: They had wide range of foods, starting from beer, wine, and cocktails to yummy mock tails and delicious food. We had few varieties of food…

Starters: Ultimate Blazing Chicken Nachos, Brawny Prawny, Bang-Bang Tofu, Fish Saigon, Subzi Ke Champ, Sriracha Butter Chicken.

Main course: Gosht Rogan-E-Nishat, Lacchu Singh Ki Subz Sitara, Pizza n Pasta (combo), Nawabs (combo), Indian Breads.

Dessert: Trio chocolate Mousse


All the dishes were delicious, I would suggest to try all the dishes.

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Food Review – Nutty Squirrel


Now it’s summer and what would be the favorite and want for food with everyone – I hope it would be lemonades, juices, mock tails but the most favorite with everyone, particularly with kids will be ICE -CREAMS.
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When the whole world loves Ice cream, I would say I have Ice cream rarely that to I go only for vanilla, I never knew the reason behind that, may be the overloaded sweetness or something. But my kids and my hubby love to have ice-cream anytime anyplace.

When I was invited for the Food Review by FBAB to The Nutty Squirrel, I felt ok, let me go and taste a bit in all the flavors. I never believe that it was me after the session was over, because I had almost all the flavors that too got to have a scoop in everything as I rarely have Ice Creams. Let me the detail review with the beautiful clicks…

About Nutty Squirrel: All about Ice Cream, Ice Cream Sandwiches, milkshakes. They specialize in making Ice Cream Sandwiches. Their aim is to make ice cream consumption more interesting and bring the unique concept of ice cream sandwiches to India. They have their own factory at Hennur – where they prepare ice creams and the cookies for sandwiches where baked at the outlet. They have only one outlet and wish them to spread all over India. They prepare 2 litres of Ice Cream per batch and they also stated that their ice creams stays for fresh a month when completely refrigerator.

Interesting things about Nutty Squirrel: They add no preservatives, no artificial coloring, no essence added to this ice cream, but all the taste, color, flavor comes from the fruits. They also have few eggless ice-creams. They have introduced 4 different types of sandwiches – Brownie wafer sandwiches, mocha cookie sandwiches, snicker doodle sandwiches and brandy snap tacos. They serve these in 2 different sizes – mini and large, they also give different shapes like round and heart shapes. . Also when you get to the taste the Ice-cream, you can have them in different ways such as lick when it comes in cone or a bite when it comes as sandwich – perfectly done as the name may be it a sandwich or cookie.

Location: It was located in the Ground floor of VR Bengaluru mall, next to Phoenix Market City, Mahadevpura, WhiteField, Bangalore.

Looking out for Ice Creams with no preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial essence, no over loaded sweetness and want to have a BITE of ICE CREAM – I would say try out NUTTY SQUIRREL.

Ice Creams: As they serve ice creams as sandwiches, I would say that pairing the ice creams with the right flavored cookie or brownie or tacos or snicker doodle would taste yum. The sweetness in ice cream was perfectly done, as I never felt it very sweet and so I would say it would go out well for diabetic people. Each and every bite or lick of this Ice cream taste heavenly with the freshness of fruits or nuts. The most interesting thing here is their “Pudhina Ice Cream” – it was heavenly, the punch of pudhina was perfect, I would say it as a perfect for this summer – because of the pudhina as it’s a natural coolant. I liked this pudhina Ice Cream to the core, also few of foodie friends. Let me share the combination that I tasted with the pictures:

  • Blueberry Ice Cream with Snicker Doodle – It was yum, as I felt the flavor of blue berry in every single bite.
  • Filter Coffee with Brandy Snap Tacos – Brandy Snap Tacos goes out well with nutty flavor like their salted pistachios, maple walnut, Dark chocolate with Roast Almonds and Filter coffee. As a filter coffee maniac, I went for filter coffee with Brandy Snap Tacos. I and my hubby enjoyed every single bite of it, as one could get the crunchiness, perfect texture and the taste.
  • Pudhina with Brownie – Pudhina Ice cream with Brownie went out well, I liked the pudhina ice cream to the core. I would recommend it as a must to try.
  • Vanilla Ice cream with Snicker Doodle – As a vanilla maniac, I would close my eyes and say vanilla would be the best. When combined with Snicker Doodle, it was perfectly done, the texture was too good, neither too hard nor too soft – has a perfect sandwich texture. One could feel the vanilla flavor, even visually as there was the scrapes of vanilla pods in the ice cream. I would say heavenly, divine so and so…
  • Strawberry with Brownie – This was also good combination and my daughter liked it to the core being a strawberry and brownie maniac.
  • Salted Pistachios, Peanut Banana Ice cream, Chikki and Cheddar.
  • Milkshake – We had nutty milkshake, it was super frothy, nutty, flavor and yummy.

Suggestions: A must to try Ice Cream parlour which would be perfect for everyone with fantastic, yummy, colorful flavors for Bangaloreans. I would visit atleast once in a month, as the place is located in my neighborhood and with all the flavors that fits my family.

Groupie with foodies

Groupie with foodies

Thanks a ton FBAB (Food Bloggers Associations of Bangalore) and Nutty Squirrel for this precious opportunity.

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Food Review – Indian Paratha Company


This was our  24th FBAB meetup, we had good time, and I liked the place to the core, as it was away from the city surrounded by nature. This would be a best place, when you feel to have a small drive from the city, with beautiful and heart-warming environment.
Indian Paratha Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
About IPC: Indian Paratha Company, is an upscale coffee shop founded by Nirmal Singh Sandhu and Gunjan Sandhu, in August, 2014. Nirmal, a well-travelled person has visited many countries, cities of the world. During his road journey, he noticed the lack of good highway Restaurants in India and thus came Indian Paratha Company – Chai Paratha & More.

Location: IPC is located at Devanhalli, Bangalore which is just few kilometers away Kempe Gowda (Bangalore) International Airport. A good highway restaurant with proper food and clean toilets, and it is a den for Super Bikers and Super Cars. As the place is located few kilometers on to Nandi hills, one of the tourist attractions or weekend gateway for Bangloreans. It can be very easily identified as it is situated on the foot hills of the Jain Temple near to Airport.

Ambiance: They have given a European and Western “Look and Feel” to the restaurant. Also they have tables to the outdoor of the restaurants, which would be pleasant in the mornings and evenings. One could be admire the sunrise and sunset, as it is situated on the foothills of the Jain Temple.

Food: It is a fresh, fast and casual concept, serving fast but fresh food without preservatives or de-freezing. Gunjan Sandhu, a Nutritionist has designed the menu. Besides Chai & Paratha, they also serve cold and hot beverages like lassi, Irish coffee and Kulfi. The most important thing is it’s a Pure Vegetarian and Alcohols are strictly not allowed in the restaurants.

Here are some of the dishes we had at the restaurants:

  • Patiala Lassi: Not only me but my family likes lassi, here the lassi was perfectly done with wonderful texture and yummilicious taste. I would highly recommend Lassi in this restaurant.
  • Pakoda Platter: We had onion pakoda – it was crispy, crunchy and soft, paneer pakoda – it was crispy outside and soft inside topped with fried green chilies.
  • Achari Masti Paratha: This is was so soft and was perfectly stuffed with a thin layer of panner, potato and some achar (pickle). The combination was too good and the paratha tasted heavenly. One can eat it as such without any side dish.
  • Paneer Tikka Parathzza: This was something unique, I would bet kids will like this to the core. First time had a paratha as pizza. A must try here.
  • Kulfi: Kulfi was very good, my kids enjoyed kulfi a lot.
  • Irish coffee: My hubby a coffee maniac, liked the coffee a lot. He stated it a perfect Irish coffee, with the balanced little bitterness and sweetness in it.

Serving: They serve very fast and service was too good.

Suggestions: Personally I have suffered a lot for a decent restaurant with clean toilet facilities in the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway, when we travel to places like Nandi Hills, Lepakshi and now I would suggest people can have a good relax and yummy food on the highway.

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