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There is a moment, not only me but everyone needs – nothing but the encouragement, support and appreciation towards one’s work, nothing equals to that. Amidst of chaos, here comes a very supportive, encouragement and a creative, unique and most memorable work from the Executive chef – “Anthony En Yuan Huarig” of JW Mariott with “THE CHEFPOST” team on their Pre-launch held at BBC (Bengaluru Baking Co), JW Marriott Hotel Bengaluru.

Personalised Edible (Chocolate) Photo of MADRAASI

Personalised Edible (Chocolate) Photo of MADRAASI

Stay tuned to know what “THE CHEFPOST” is all about and how it works, which evolved from the brains of a beauty – Sneha Chandrashekar. Thanks a lot for the invite and making it more memorable in my life with a PERSONALISED EDIBLE (CHOCOLATE) PHOTO. I was dumbstruck with the lines – “the beautiful tamilian tales”, which echoed the actual meaning of my blog. Madraasi is humbly honoured.

Wish the team “THE CHEF POST” all the success and to reach all over the world.