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Madraasi Featured in Deccan Herald


Got featured in Today’s Deccan Herald, Bangalore Edition for being a Gadget Freak. I have been collecting gadgets almost 10 yrs. Now I would say that I got plenty of kitchen gadgets, few I keep on using frequently – Feeling Happy

Deccan Herald

Deccan Herald


WorldOnAPlate – MasterChefCooking – George Colambaris


The most precious, memorable, happiest, luckiest moment to me recently was attending the Master Chef Cooking Class by Australian Master Chef George Colambaris which was held at the International Food Carnival – WorldOnAPlate, sponsored by Godrej’s Cuisine Regale at JW Marriott.

Got an invite for MasterChef Cooking class held at JW Marriott sponsored by Godrej’s Cuisine Regale on 4th June (last Saturday), Bangalore. I was much excited and eagerly waiting for the clock to ring 3, as the class was from 3 p.m to 4 p.m. Imagining the horrible Bangalore traffic in mind, I hurried up around 1 p.m from my home to JW Marriott and reached there around 2:30 p.m.

JW Marriott was under tight security and banners all over the roads. There was no limits to my happiness, got the pass in the reception and rushed to the class. I was waiting for few minutes and happened to meet few of blogger friends, we were much excited for the class.

We had a great experience in the class. He prepared “Soft Shell Crab Souvlaki” which was wrapped in kerala paratha. It was heavenly and I liked it to the core. Blessed and Happy me.

Finally we also had a photo session, all of us got a chance to click a picture with the Australian Master Chef – George Colambaris.

About the event

George Colambaris said, “I am very excited to be back in India be a part of World On A Plate. I love the food here and can’t wait to explore new flavors and cuisine. The popularity of diverse cuisines and willingness to experiment is immense amongst the current generation. It is due to brands like Cuisine Régale that foodies can continue to experiment and enjoy the experience of cooking.”  

Kiran Soans, CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment said, “At Gold Rush Entertainment we believe in bringing quality experiences to our consumers. Our previous association with George Calombaris to Bangalore was a raging success. This gave birth to the idea of World on a Plate with all the three faces of the show- George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston. The weekend promises to be an exhilarating experience as they take fans in Bangalore on an exciting and inspiring culinary journey”.

A precious picture - me with Master Chef George Colambaris

A precious picture – me with Master Chef George Colambaris

World on a plate brought together the best restaurants and food places of India under one roof. The festival was a delight for foodies to experiment and experience great food, along with lively music and entertainment.

About Cuisine Regale: Cuisine Regale is India’s most premium lifestyle modular kitchen gallery brand. An innovation driver for the group, design thinking has been at the core of Cuisine Regale. The brand has been developed keeping in mind user and human centricity. Differentiating it from any other local or international brand in this space, Cuisine Regale is built on anthropometric, ergonomics and our consumers cooking styles. From creating interesting consumer touch points in the galleries, to expert guidance by designers to building solutions for kitchens including appliances & accessories, as well as complete turnkey kitchen solutions, Cuisine Regale is the destination for all who aspire to create spaces that treat family and friends, have finer tastes, seeks products which serve multiple needs and loves to build memories.




Featured in Dt_Next (Tamil daily-Chennai edition)


Featured in Todays DtNext – a supplement in English of Daily Thanthi in Chennai edition. dtNEXT Daily Thanthi

Today 29th May 2016 is another great day for me, I got featured in one of the Tamil daily – “Dina Thanthi (Daily Thanthi)”. My featured post is available under the Lifestyle column of the Chennai edition DtNext a supplement in English which comes daily (only in Chennai). From my childhood and from the days I could remember, for me newspaper means Dina Thanthi. At my home, I still remember the days, handing over the newspaper to my grandfather, who needs the paper in front of him before 6:00 AM and we get the newspaper delivered by 5:30 AM. This is a daily routine I remember from the day I started walking and till he passed away, and today I am featured in that. I am so excited to see this. Daily Thanthi is one of the, not to exaggerate, the Tamil Daily which is read by most of the people in the state. There is no words to explain my joy, excitement & happiness, still one thing I miss amidst this joy is my grandfather is not there to witness all these.

Featured in Dt-Next (Tamil Magazine)

Featured in Dt-Next (Tamil Magazine)

For the online edition, click here.