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A Day in the Vegetable Farm


No words for my laziness, I have been dragging with this post for almost 2 months. I have clicked these pictures in a farm on the way to Bangalore from Tuticorin in NH7 just before Rasampalyam Toll Plaza.

Vegetables collected all over the travel

Vegetables collected all over the travel

We usually have filter coffee on the road side shops during travel for a break. Just like that when we stopped for a Filter coffee break in a shop, there we found vegetables lying in large quantity, we were excited to see those vegetables because they were farm fresh with wonderful colors and different shapes. I could proudly say that whoever got to see those vegetables would forget their tiredness and will bloom fresh like those vegetables. The shop keeper seeing our reaction told us that they got a farm just beside the shop, where they cultivate vegetables and told those vegetables are for sale.

Exact location of the shop: The shop is very near to the Rasampalyam Toll Gate, which comes after the Dindugal Toll Gate, may be 200 metres (you need to take a U-Turn before the Rasampalyam Toll), when you travel towards Bangalore from Tuticorin. Those who travel on this NH7, grab the vegetables, also I could say that the price was very cheap and it stays fresh for almost 2 weeks when refrigerated.

After seeing such a fresh and beautiful vegetables, even the person who consumes little vegetables would defintely get in large amount. So how will I miss those vegetables, also he told if your are interested you could come and pluck the vegetables and have a look at our farm. We all entered the farm with our camera and here those pictures for you…

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 Thalampoo / Thazhampoo / Fragrant screw pine flower



Thazhampoo is known as screw pine in English. Mostly these flowers are seen on the banks of the river in Kerala. But when I visited a temple (Arunchunai kattha Aiyannar)  which was near my hometown (Thoothukudi / Tuticorin), I got to see this flower and just like that I pictured it to share with everyone.

The flower of the male plant is known as Thazhampoo in Tamil.  In older times these flowers are kept in wardrobes as fragrant cloth freshners and as moth repellant. Girls used to plait it into their braids. The leaves of these plants have saw-like edges, are used for making soft mats. The fruit borne by the female plant is known as “Aanapuruthi” , is a favourite of elephants and they are used as cockroach repellent in older days.

There are numerous myth in Hinduism associated with screw pine. It is used in several pujas and avoided by some deities.  This flower is avoided during Lakshmi puja and also are avoided for the worship of Lord Shiva except on the day of Maha Sivarathiri.


Note: Click the link to know why Thazhampoo is not used for worship.

Karthigai deepam


One of the most important festivals in south India; commonly celebrated among Tamilians.  This is celebrated right on the first day of the tamil month karthigai. Row of Akal Vilakkus (oil lit lamps) lit as an auspicious symbol in every house. It is believed to drive out the evils and bring in prosperity and joy to one’s house. Also we prepare peanut laddus and offer these laddus and fruits to god followed by puja. Moreover we decorate the akal vilakkus with flowers of different colours and by painting them.We had a very good time in our house by liting row of deepams around evening time; both my son and my daughter helped me a lot in painting and arranging them.