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MasterChef Cooking Class at Toscano, VR Bengaluru, Whitefield, Bangalore


Got an invite for Master Chef Cooking class “Chef’s College” at Toscano, VR BENGALURU, Whitefield, Bangalore – “Uncover the secrets behind Gnocchi” by MasterChef. Gautham Balasubramanian.

Duration of the class – 2 hrs (10 A.M to 12 A.M) on Sunday, the event was organized once in a month. The class included a high tea and followed by lunch at Toscano.  

Chef. Gautham Balasubramanian gave a demo on how to make a Gnocchi with the tips and tricks, so that one could make easily at home. Being a mom, I would say most of the kids loves the Italian Cuisine, the same with my kids too. So soon my hands would be trying on this Gnocchi.

We got to see the demo of 3 different varieties of Gnnochi made by both Chef.Gautham and Chef.Sridhar. Dishes are Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi, Potato Gnocchi and PATE A CHOUX-PARISIAN GNOCCHI.

Let me share the few pictures from the class…



Karunadu Swada – Karanataka Food Festival by MTR


Got an invite for “Karunadu Swada” at the MTR Food Festival by 21st January for experiencing one of Karnataka’s oldest cuisines at St. Johns Auditorium, Koramangala, Bangalore.

First there was a Blogger’s meet organized by MTR with Chef. Chandri Bhat, she shares her culinary secrets and origin stories of Karnataka cuisine. She demonstrated the preparation of a cashew fruit based curry with potatoes, a kheer which is prepared by steaming the rice dumplings and later simmered in coconut milk. I would say it was yum, heavenly and delicious.

Karunadu Swada - Karanataka Food Festival by MTR

Karunadu Swada – Karanataka Food Festival by MTR

More over the best part that I loved over there was, it was not only the food but also, she shared the history of the food and its preparation right from the idly, hayagreeva halwa to mysore pak.

I was astonished when she shared the secret of Idly as they were prepared by steaming the ground black lentils without fermentation. Also, she added that the authentic and traditional mysore pak was the one with pores and crispy, not the soft once. She did share about a treasured book (culinary) which was passed to her from her great grandmother. Loved the way she cooked, share the secrets and her experience in culinary world.

After this blogger meet, we had a lunch, where we could get all the Karnataka’s authentic and traditional food in one place right from the Thatte Idly to the hayagreeva halwa. Also, there was stalls based on each and every region of Karnataka with their familiar food right from Mangalore till Kodagu. The food was great, loved it to the core – happy me and yummy tummy – as I got to have most of my favorite’s all together – Rava Idly, Thatte Idly, Bisibelebath, Masala Dosa, Tharvada peda and so on.

Ambarasaria (Amristari) Food Festival – Hyatt Bangalore


Got invite for AMBARASARIA – Amristari food festival from Hyatt – Pink Poppodam, Bangalore from July 8th till July 17th.

About Ambarasaria – Ambersar commonly known as Amristar, is the most well-known place in Punjab for their Dhabba style foods (street foods). This food festival is based on the Dhabba style food of Amristar and so called as Ambarasaria. The food was too good right from the lassi till the dessert. A must for Punjabi food lovers in Bangalore.
The Pink Poppadom - Hyatt Bangalore MG Road Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Every time I would reach the place on time or would be little late due to Bangalore Traffic. But this time I was early to meetup as I don’t want to get struck in the traffic.

We got seated when few of friends came, we had munches like pappad, mathri, chutneys and gudpara with my all-time favorite Malai Lassi and Mango Lassi. The Lassi was awesome, I could feel the aroma of the saffron and the nuts when it was placed on the table.

Then comes the starters both veg and non-veg including Spicy Bhatti De Jhinglay (prawns), Amirstari mutton chaap, I felt the masala was little loaded for my taste buds, Tandoori murgh which was too good and then Fish fry – fish got melted in the mouth. In vegetarian I liked the satpura puff, layered puff served with their authentic chole masala.

Followed by the main course which includes the gravies likes chole masala, sarson ka saag, Butter chicken, Rara Ghosht, Keema Kaleji, Aloo wadi and few more which was accompanied with Indian Flat Breads like Amristari Kulcha, Makki ki roti, Pitti wali poori (stuffed poori), biryani and pulav.

Last but not the least – Dessert. We were completely full and thought of leaving the dessert, but when we got to see the dessert, all of us started digging it. We had Beetroot Halwa, phirni and one more forget the name.

Any Punjabi food lovers would visit the place @ The Pink Poppadam, Hyatt, and M.G. Road, Bangalore from 7.00 p.m till 11.00 p.m.

Thanks for the invite Hyatt – The Pink Poppadam.