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Launch event of Pop’| Food Truck – Inorbit Mall, Whitefield, Bangalore


Got an invite for the launch of Pop’|Food Truck, by last week that happened in Whitefield, Inorbit Mall. Pop’|Food Truck was founded by Mr. Vishal Gupta, is a specialty concept of food bringing together the finesse of a quick, friendly and casual dining experience.

Pop’l offers customers a chance to experience a variety of food options from Thai Curry, Stir Fried Asian Greens, Whole wheat pasta (Penne), Mexican Vegetables with Lemony couscous, Vegetable Lemongrass Sauce, POP’I Khichdi, Sprouts Khichdi, Masala Dal Khichdi, Healthy Sweet Tooth, Aloe Vera Halwa, Granola Bars, Healthy Coolers, Pine apple- Ginger- Aloe Vera, Coconut Mojito, Kiwi-Plum-Coconut, Spinach-Apple-Carrot-Lemon and Roasted Beetroot-Coriander-Lemon-Ginger amongst others.

“Pop’l Food Truck is a labour of love and passion for food. Due to hectic work schedules, it becomes immensely difficult to pay attention to one’s diet and fitness regime. Hence was borne the idea of a Food Truck with healthy food options.  This is one of our firsts and we hope to impress patrons with these delectable healthy treats!” say the founders of Pop’l Food Truck, Mr. Vishal Gupta & Ms. Rashmi Upadhyaya.

Also, they stated that the process of cooking consumes more time, as they prepare oil free food and health conscious meal. Never miss when you are Inorbit Mall.


Review – Sinful Belly, Kaggadasapura, Bangalore


Got a chance to meet a food truck near my home – SINFULBELLY. I got to identify this through Mr. Falguni, one among our foodie friend.

This was a new food startup for this people, almost a week back they started their food truck and up to now it’s one and only in Kaggadasapura, C.V.Raman Nagar, and Bangalore.

The truck was near 5th cross Kaggadaspura, serving few items (vegetarian) but delightful and delicious foods like Burgers, Pasta, Cigars, French Fries and Deep Fried Oreo Biscuit (dessert).

We tasted some of the food like, Burger – Burger was excellent, it had a bit crunchy texture due to the Dried peas in it, Pasta – Pasta was good, Cajun Potato – Cajun Potato was very good with the taste of spices and mayo, Deep Fried Oreo Biscuit with Chocolate Sauce and Ice cream – This was unbeatable, I and my kids loved it to the core and here the Oreo biscuits were deep fried and served with Ice cream and Chocolate sauce. The very first time I tried out such a delicious and yummy dessert.

The truck is available around 5:30 p.m till night.

The price was reasonable and the guys was friendly. I would say, “WORTH GOING AGAIN”. Wish them to spread their trucks all over the Bangalore. A Must Eat place in Kaggadaspura and thanks to Mr.Falguni for exploring this place.