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Vinayagar Chaturthi – 2016 / Vinayagar Chaturthi celebration at home / Ganesha chaturthi celebrations at our Apartment


  Madraasi Vinayagar Chaturthi Celebrations – 2016

Vinayagar Chaturthi at our home

Vinayagar Chaturthi at our home

This time Vinayagar Chaturthi was most beautiful, as we celebrated with all our friends in apartment and then at home as usual. We had a good time, each one of us made a dish, all of us dreesed up in a traditional way, then had Pooja and then distributed the Prasad to everyone. The very first time I prepared 50 Modaks for Prasad, very happy.

In our home, we decorate Lord Ganesha, prepared dishes, offered Lord Ganesha and performed Pooja. Here are some of the clipping taken during Pooja –



Easy Kozhukattai recipes /Simple Kolakattai Recipes / Kolukattai collections / Easy Modak & Mothagam & Modakam Recipes


Kozhukattai or Kolukattai is a popular south Indian sweet dumpling made with rice flour and stuffed with grated coconut and jaggery or boiled dals and jaggery or boiled dals, jaggery and grated coconut and it is also known as Modak in North India. Also kozhukattai’s are made not only with rice flour but also with millet and wheat flour. It is eaten as a form of breakfast or as a teas time snack. In Tamilnadu, this it traditionally prepared on vinayagar Chaturthi or Ganesha Chaturthi rand offered to Lord Vinayaga. Also these are made on Puratasi Sani and offered for Lord Vishnu.

Do check out my Kozhukattai / Sweet dumplings recipes:

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