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Blabber- 4 (Illusionary world)



We all come to this world alone and leave this world alone.  Amidst of these everyone fall in love, tend to be in some relationship, never care about the reality and create an illusion for that particular moment that we are not alone. Even I have been under this for such a long time, but after realizing, knowing and accepting the fact – I do not want to put me in an illusionary world and also I wish stay away from those who drag me into the illusionary world. There are few things I had crossed but got too many things to be crossed, once again started running towards my goal – but this time it’s one and only for me (beloveds and kids).  Also I have been guided and taught to face any situation on my own way, never need suggestion or interruption in my way. I am very happy  about the route, source and passengers with who, where, why and when I travel, don’t worry about what others think. From my past I wish to say only one; if I were given a boon, I would move back to a decade and correct all my mistakes (happened due to others advice so called gently as suggestions).