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How to use Basic Jars of Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder (Making of Chutney, Spice powder and Vada Batter)

How to use Basic Jars of Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder (Making of Chutney, Spice powder and Vada Batter)

Recently I have shared the unboxing of Preethi Zodiac, as mentioned in that post this mixer grinder has too many options and can be named as All-in-All in a kitchen. So, I have mentioned to share the usage of each and every jar elaborately with a recipe.

In this post, I am going to share how to make use of the basic jars – Chutney Jar, Wet Grinder Jar and Dry Grinder Jar.

Making of Coconut Chutney, Cumin powder and Medhu Vada Batter using Preethi Zodiac –

I have prepared a basic COCONUT CHUNTEY using chutney jar, also you can grind wet masalas for the curries using this jar. So, a basic south Indian chutney with the Basic Chutney jar –  for the detailed chutney recipe, CLICK HERE. It just took 3 mins to grind the chutney, to the proper texture.

Coconut Chutney grounded using Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder

I have prepared CUMIN / JEERA powder using Dry grinder jar, I have roasted the powder with few red chillies, added ½ tsp of rock salt and ground it to a fine powder. After grinding spread it over a plate, store it in an air-tight container and it stays fresh for a couple of months.

Cumin / Jeera powder using Preethi zodiac Mixer Grinder

I have prepared batter for Medhu vada / ulunda Vadai, using Wet Grinder Jar, usually most of them prefer grinding this vada batter in grinder, but when it comes to me, I have never ever grinded vada batter in grinder, I have been using only my Preethi Mixer till date and the vada comes out fluffy, crispy outside and soft inside. Since Preethi mixer can run for long time without getting hot, makes the batter perfect. Make sure to sprinkle water every now and then when the batter gets struck, also take a break in between will grinding and make sure that you soak the dal/lentil for atleast 4 hrs. For recipe CLICK HERE.

How to grind vada batter using Preethi zodiac Grinder


  • Make sure, to grind only when it reaches room temperature.
  • Hold the lid tightly while grinding, never close the hole at the top of the lid.
  • Turn the speed from 1 to 3, with a minute of interval.
  • Turn the jar and lock the jar, before you start grinding.


The only thing I suggest here is there is no opening in the top of the dome (lid of mixer jar), it was little difficult to pour water to the jar. When there is opening in the dome, we just open only the lid in the dome and pour water, but now we need to remove the lid and then pour water.

Stay tuned for the next review of our Juicer Jar. CLICK HERE for the Unboxing and Specifications of Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder.

My Miracle Drink

My Miracle Drink


Wonder! What I am going to share under the topic “My Miracle Drink”, as I say this is not only mine but most of the women’s Miracle Drink. Yeah except every 2 among 100’s most of the women are Anemic. Getting relieve from Anemic is taking more Iron rich food, when we consult a doctor, certainly there will be loads of iron tablets and iron tonics. Now do everyone of us take it regularly – when most of them do and there are few like me – who hate the smell of iron tablets and feel nausea.

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Beetroot Juice / Iron Rich Drink

I could never ever forget this – it was during my second pregnancy, when I got to skip most of the iron tablets. It was like a fun when I skipped those tablets in the absence of my hubby but only later during my delivery, I could understand how mad I have been. Yeah, it was a very difficult time in my life – I was very very anemic and not even able to lift my head after the delivery, it was a mess not only for me but the whole family suffered because of me. Doctor gave some pills, and tonic, but imagine nothing boosts out immediately everything takes time. That too the iron pills where I get nausea and loose stools, so never ever I wanted to have it.

Taking this to Indiblogger – Iron Chef Contest by Livogen – by saying no to Anemia as a healthy women.

Finally, when my grandma’s friend shared me a miracle drink which would recover us from iron deficiency, I was very happy, had it (no more skipping job), I felt the difference in just 3 days. But it is advised to have once in 2 days, else you get side effects, since “Too much of anything is good for Nothing”. Not only during that time, but still I have the drink at least once in a week or at times when don’t take it once in a week may be whenever I feel tired, feel like I can’t do anything, feel like nausea, feel like having continuous head ache and I feel better and lots of difference in just 2 hours after consuming this Drink.

This “Miracle Drink” is very easy to prepare, too cheap and the ingredients are available at our local markets or nearby shops. It’s nothing but Beetroot, Lemon Juice and Salt. Let me share the recipe…

beetroot juice, image of beetroot juice, picture of beetroot juice, beetroot juice recipe, how to make beetroot juice, making of beetroot juice, iron rich drink, iron rich food recipe, iron rich recipe, women miracle drink, women health

Beetroot Juice / Iron Rich Drink


  • Beetroot – ½ (medium size)
  • Lemon juice – 2 to 3 drops
  • Salt – 2 pinches or as per your taste


  • Peel the beetroot, roughly chop them into pieces.
  • Take a mixer and grind the beetroot pieces along with ½ cup of water, make sure to add water little by little continue grinding.
  • Strain the juice and discard the flesh.
  • Now pour the lemon juice (make sure to pour only 2 drops of lemon juice for a cup of juice, else it would taste more sour and little astringent).
  • Add salt, mix well and drink it immediately. (Make sure to have it within 30 mins of preparation, else it would taste sour and would be not of use).

This drink should be consumed only once in every 3 days, as “Too Much of Anything is Good for Nothing”. Not only for women, everyone in our family can have. Hope everyone would give a try and stabilize your IRON CONTENT and say good bye to “ANEMIA”. As we women being the backbone of every family, let us take care of our self and to make our family stay healthy and happy.

Taste of Mexico at Hard Rock Café, Bangalore

Taste of Mexico at Hard Rock Café, Bangalore


Hard Rock Café celebrates the Taste of Mexico all over India for a limited time period from Nov till Dec 31st. Happy that I got an invite for this Mexico Food Festival, it was a good experience it exploring the Mexico Food which is one among the today’s hottest culinary trends all over the world and pays homage to classic Mexican Dishes.


The experience towards the savory heat of fiery foods and the feast on traditional Mexican food was awesome. Apart from that their Mixologists have crafted three unique cocktails – Amigo, Diablo and Troublemaker to a give a sweet, smoky and authentic Mexican twist.

And this time at Hard Rock Café was more memorable to me, as I don’t consume liquor – I had non-alcoholic version of Trouble Maker, I loved it to the core. I could feel the spiciness, sweetness as they have infused jalapeno peppers to it.

Chef. Niranjan described us about the food festival, and the flavors infused in each and every food. Let me share the food I had over the Mexican Food Festival…


  • Mexican Corn Prawn Street Food Salad: Spices mixed with black beans, avocado, jalapenos, roasted corn and chipotle grilled prawns/ chicken with a smoky chilli orange drizzle.
  • Dyna Bites: Crunchy golden fried, gooey, assorted cheese and jalapeno cheese peppers.
  • Chicken Tinga Tacos: Shredded chipotle chicken, tomatilla sauce, avocado, picante sauce and cilantro.
  • Rodeo Nachos: Smoky tangy cowboy salsa of sweet corn and assorted peppers, over fiery cilantro cheese sauce, melted cheddar cheese layered over crisp corn chips with jalapeno (optional – Chipotle Grilled chicken) – A must to try as the nachos was crispy till we finish and the layering was perfectly done.
  • Samosette of spicy corn and cheddar cheese: Filo triangles stuffed with spices, corn and oozing cheddar cheese at every bite and served with mayo dip.
  • Tex-Mex spiced Char Grilled Chicken Skewers: Char grilled chicken tenders marinated with Tex-Mex spice rub and tangy marinade, served with honey mustard dip.


  • Fiesta Chicken Quesadilla: Chicken, grilled pineapple, picante sauce, chipotle pasta, mixed queso and cilantro. Served with side of sour cream.
  • Fajita Chicken Burrito: Flour tortilla laced with roasted chipotle chilli ranch, smoky refried bean, Mexican rice, golden fried chicken tenders, shredded lettuce, mixed cheese and jalapenos, served with spiced fries and tangy salsa.
  • Penne with spicy chicken and chipotle cream sauce.


  • Amigo, Diablo and Troublemaker to a give a sweet, smoky and authentic Mexican twist.
  • Being a non-alcoholic, got to taste the virgin version of Troublemaker – what a mindblowing mocktail it was with good punch of spiciness and sweetness in it.

A must to try, and the festival is from November till December 31st.